Hello! I'm a illustrator and 2D artist who loves sci-fi, fantasy and gothic fiction and works primarily on TTRPGs, video games and private commissions.

My goal is to one day illustrate a visual novel or a book! 👁️✨🔥💜

Whoops. Should've hashtagged some extra things in there👆 sorry. I come from twitter where every hashtag is a sin.
Anyway! Some interests:

@SarielSnowings if you realised a mistake in your post you can do a 'delete and redraft' as a form of edit. you loose any favs and boosts and replies get detached (and not re-attached to new toot since original toot is not there anymore) but if there aren't many (or none) it totally works as an edit.

@luka thanks! I know, but it wasn't that bad of a mistake and people had already interacted... I'll just pay better attention next time lol

@SarielSnowings oh ok! love your art, it's amazing. a sense some cybre vibes in there too.

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