I'm back? Maybe?
I still don't know how to use this but I have a profile stuck in 2019 so it might be time for a revamp...
Here's some new art, follow for more coming soon?

Like this if you think it's time I update my damn profile picture lol

I did it. Time for a new pinned toot as well! Muehehe

@SarielSnowings Sneaky alt text is sneaky! :artaww:

This is gorgeous!

Yell if you need help getting to grips with the site - there are some pinned toots at the top of my profile that might help :)

@Curator thank you so much! And yes, I always enjoy adding a bit of fun to the alt text muehehe 🔥✨👁️

@SarielSnowings dope style! love the contrast of lower detail and higher detail elements. the blood looks great

@nerk thank you so much! I had a great time with this one, the original is slightly bigger, I made it to look like a visual novel because I'd love to work on one someday. I'll post it soon, it's one of my favourite pieces!

@nerk I am! Although I must admit I haven't read much of his work... But I do enjoy it whenever I stumble upon it! Incredible illustrations ✨

The World of Edena
The Art of Edena
The Incal
After The Incal
(also Before The Incal and Final Incal, but those are not illustrated by Moebius)

@SarielSnowings and that's just to get you started and hooked...

@nerk uuuuuh, thanks for the recommendations! I'll add them to my book list

@SarielSnowings I wouldn't call them books but you're welcome! they're more works of high art than books or even graphic novels or comics. quick to get through as well. you might want to read and reread the Incal in a day

@SarielSnowings also, Taika Waititi is directing a movie based on The Incal. they couldn't have picked a better person for the job. I'm so excited

@SarielSnowings This is some amazing work! Very nice work on the lighting 👌😍

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