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Hello! I'm a illustrator and 2D artist who loves sci-fi, fantasy and gothic fiction and works primarily on TTRPGs, video games and private commissions.

My goal is to one day illustrate a visual novel or a book! 👁️✨🔥💜

Eye contact (drawing) 

🩸“A Pleasure Meeting You”🩸

Some furry art today!
A portrait of one of my fursonas, Nikon, the striped hyena.
Don’t they look handsome?

A friend just told me: "you don't want a non binary transition you want an 1800s victorian transition and I support it" and...

How dare she call me out like that.
(she's right tho)

Mentions top surgery 

The journey begins!
Travelling today to get top surgery on Friday. Just needed to share. Alright, more art backlog coming later today! 🔥✨👁️

The Wizard's Keep, which you will find in Strangehollow plus the colour comps to decide on which one I wanted to do! I think that I will probably repaint this one for the second edition as I would handle it slightly differently now.

Medical transition (good news) 

Top surgery in a week.
A WEEK. 🎉✨🔥
I'll finally be free? I'll be able to live my life? What a wild concept.

How nebulae are made💫✨

Up above
In the astral plane
Lies a star that once shined ablaze
Now full of anguish
Full of dread
It feels the end ahead

And the time comes near
And the tears pour out
And she cries and cries
Until she’s vanished into her demise

It’s once again quiet
Just ashes left astray
Just glimmers and sparkles
Forming beauty out of her doom
#mastoart #poetry #space

🦄✨Unicorn Blood✨🦄
‘Blessed with the energy of all the colors of the rainbow🌈’

(This won’t be tha last unicorn illustration I draw, I had too much fun playing with the colors :D)

I'm back? Maybe?
I still don't know how to use this but I have a profile stuck in 2019 so it might be time for a revamp...
Here's some new art, follow for more coming soon?

I’ll make a separate post for it eventually, but if you’re curious, here you can see the latest self portrait I made:

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❤️‍🔥 Sariel, prince of god ❤️‍🔥
Another one of my introspective self-portraits. I make one at the end of each year and try to capture the relationship between my body and my gender identity throughout those past months. This one represented 2020.
(I’ll link the most recent one in a toot below) ✨

nsfw art; butt; harness 

oni-orc barbarian wielding a 2-handed sabre

if you want a commission in this style, hit me up

or if you want to support my art:

[ ]

The day I can start a stream without technical issues...
Anyway, I'll be back in 10 minutes, if anyone is still interested :')

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How about an ? It's been so long since my last and I miss them.
Will be working on for a while ⚡
See ya in 30 minutes, I need to get ready.

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