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Watercolors and colored pencils
Wanted to do something with a dreamy effect ✨

The reference I used was a pic of Amandla Stenberg!

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I started working on this with the intention of having the Gold Experience's vines as the "main" thing here, but in the end I think it works better without them. I'm going to re-use the idea in a different piece.

And yes, I know, he doesn't have the nipple-lady bug brooches, it was a conscious decision to leave them out.

Doodled a few of my outfits

Trying to get the motivation to make full illustrations back 💪

Here's the result of yesterday's stream!!
I did AmalasRosa's Draw This In Your Style with her OC Tao, here is the link to the original drawing + rules of her DTIYS if u wanna do it too :)


And here's the link to yesterday's stream if u missed it and wanna watch my process! (I speak in french and play a video game for like 20 minutes, u can skip it n go to the drawing part of the live!)


Another hedgehog commission. All 10 slots are open again!

I think I'm done

Havent properly painted in 2 years and never painted water so... I'm satisfied with this x)

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Meant to post this a while ago but never did !

A very different face, for once !

I tend to - very often-try some new firm of creating.
This weekend I spend some time on embroidery. It's the first try and meant as a present. What do you think?

Ajout d'une grosse broderie sur la boutique !
Be gay, do crimes

RT appréciés

(et c'est tout pour la gestion de boutique aujourd'hui ! ouf)

So far really loving this site ❤️ lll try to make my captions here more expounded ^^
here's a quick piece i made of sailor moon's iconic transformation~ anyone else a fan of the genre? Let me know your fave mahou shoujos ✨

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