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Watercolors and colored pencils
Wanted to do something with a dreamy effect ✨

The reference I used was a pic of Amandla Stenberg!

Acrylic 30x30cm
The Melting Mountain
#art #mastoart #robincolors

This one is ready to be delivered to @yam655
Thanks a lot for your trust and support :)
I really enjoyed painting it 🎨​

going to the post office tomorrow, if anyone wants a little polymer desk toy they're up at

vente de peintures 


je remet en vente certaines peintures!

celles en photos sont de la peinture à l'huile, et je met aussi en vente les huevember en aquarelle format a4, voir les deux threads qui vont suivre, à 30 euros

updating my pinned with a new because it’s been a while & my art has changed a bit!
so hello 👋🏻 i’m Fiona and I’m a 21 year old artist based in Sydney, Australia. I’m studying Fine Arts and currently in my Honours year, and I love painting a lot!! I primarily use oils but love some casual sketchbooking too.

I sell prints & other things

I’m on most other platforms as @rnadness !
thanks for stopping by 💖

self portrait | eye contact 

painted my self. first pass and last pass. #MastoArt

i have no new tiger drawing to offer but please take this one from a couple years ago that i still love 🐯

everything hurts but i'm back to oil painting!!! (and fanart you can't stop me)

prompt 10 : lime

Long hair

And done! Wanted to post it all before the year ends at least 🎉

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Hello : D

I do all sorts of art but I wasn’t sure what to make my first art post, so these are some of the recent cloud studies I’ve done.

They’ve become a personal favorite subject for practice this year. Hope you enjoy 🌥

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