Hi all! I'm a concept artist and illustrator who loves designing creatures! I especially love drawing dragons 😊 I also really love Critical Role and playing D&D!

This place is really new for me, but I look forward to figuring out and getting to know some lovely new folks! 😃

@SamaraLee Welcome 💚💙 you have some great art~ I hope you enjoy your stay!

@littletivor Thank you so much! So far it's been a really good experience here!

welcome to another awesome artist :tialove:

If you have question, people are pretty helpfull here.

Don't forget to use fitting hastags for your art, so it will be shown later for people searching for D&D f.e.

@SamaraLee Hello fellow Critter! :D Your dragons and designs are so intriguing and fun, and there's so much care put into how they work in space!

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