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Midweek #CircusInPlace time!!
Love taking time to hang out with you :)
Will also be doing acrobatic shenanigans.

Yo, this is just...silly neat. A diy sd card mixtape audio player with a 3d printed cassette tape walkman form factor.


Clowns, circus skills, and conversation...all can be found in tonight's video chat...and all would be better for your company.

I'll be there doing my thing starting at 8pm UTC-5, and I'd be happy to see you there.

Today, and every day, I wish you a good, hard laugh. The unexpected laugh that takes over for a handful of moments; that leaves a tear in the corner of your eye; that washes some of the day's dirt from both you and the world.

The last floppy disk business.

Interesting story I'm sure my retrotech loving friends already knew, and I found fascinating today.

#circusInPlace is featuring a new workout routine tonight :D
I'm upping my handstand practice, and @RussSharek 's as well!
Come hang out with us while we try to survive my decisions lol

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.; - Amelia Earhart

For US folks, there's currently a proposed Title IX change that would protect trans people.

It's only open to public comments for *two more days* and the vast majority of current comments are looking really TERF-y. Please consider adding a comment to the proposal to help out :heart_trans:

Anonymous Sumerian writer:

𒍣 𒆯𒆯𒁮
niŋ₂-nam nu-kal zi ku₇-ku₇-dam
[niŋnam nukʰal tsi kʰukkʰudã]
"Nothing is of value, and yet life is so sweet."

Tonight the clowns return to the video chat with a new, levelled up, training session.

I would appreciate some folks showing up to cheer us on...or at least keeping us company as we do the thing.

We'll be in the chat starting at 8pm UTC-5, and going until sometime after we collapse. :)

Reasons I love living in a clown house with other clowns, audio edition:

Before finishing my morning coffee, I was serenaded by a guitar and taunted with thick accordion chords.

I am a little jealous. There is an artist doing a project called The Future Library. Trees have been planted in order to turn to paper, and authors are writing books that won't be unveiled until 100 years when the trees are ready to receive the printing.

This sort of project lets those authors write with a sort of freedom that they can't experience now. In 100 years, their works won't be need to be sold for them to survive. They won't have to worry about critics or impact to subsequent projects. They can write as wildly imaginitively as they want.

If things go according to plan and barring any incredible advancements in aging, I won't get to read those books. You won't get to read those books. But they could be some of the most unencumbered works by authors you like.

#CircusInPlace time!
Well, more specifically it is time for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!
Join us while we caffinate before playing on our gym mats!

..oh, well, one day I'll remember to change this post to public on time.. gym is still going on though :D

Friday brings the return of the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour to the start of the video chat.

That means we kick off our shenanigans an hour early with a cuppa in hand. We'd love your company for that, or any time later in the night as we practice our handstands, partner acrobatics, and other circus skills.

Looking forward to seeing you there starting at 7pm UTC-5, and well into the wee hours.

I eventually had to reprint a piece of artwork of mine which was intended to act as a gift card for a friends wedding. This made me painfully aware of my lack of all knowledge and resources concerning color management, color proofing, monitor callibration and so on. Can anyone here point me to good resources on the subject? All help is higly appreciated! 🙏

And it's time for #CircusInPlace !!
Come and chill with us while we do acrobatics :D
I love hanging upsidedown with you all!

“Put a computer in everything” is one of those decisions that people 100 years from now will bring up to show how backwards we of the past were, the way we do with decisions like “make water pipes out of lead” and “put cocaine in cough drops”

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