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New Seattle alternatives to 911 Mobile Site 

A new mobile site has launched to help you find alternatives to dialing 911 in the Seattle area!
It provides resources for categories such as:
- Housing
- Mental Health
- Health & Substance Abuse
- Violence
- Legal
- Youth

Please spread this resource!

Partner: the pulldown hose for the kitchen sink has a bad leak. I'd like to replace the faucet, a similar model is $400

Me: how about $17 for a replacement hose and 15 minutes to fix it ourselves?

Partner: wait, that's an option?!

People talk about Right To Repair a lot, and it is important, but there's still a lot of work to do on Repair Culture. If people don't believe repair is a reasonable course of action, if their impulse is to replace instead of see if it's fixable, if they don't have the context and training and confidence to fix things, then repairs don't happen.

T-2 hours till #circusInPlace
Looking forward to stretching, doing acrobatics, and talking with some of my favorite people :D
Hope to see you there!

Hello Monday!

In a few hours the clowns will return to the video chat for a night of circus training with company from all over the fediverse.

Come be a part of the fun starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Publishing is making things public, for sure, but it's also the making of a public, as artist Matthew Stadler reminds us. Furthermore—and this aspect is becoming more and more important—publishing is the handling of diverse, even conflicting publics.

Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

Silly word I'm hoping catches on:

poŝamiko : pocket friends.

Mi ŝhatas miajn poŝamikojn de Mastodon.

I sometimes hear people ask the hypothetical question, "If you had a time machine, what would you go back and tell yourself?"

I was pondering this, and realized that all of my smart friends distrust technology.

They might have once jumped at the chance, but now they would NEVER step into the machine.

This brings up a more interesting question: "When you send someone back in time to tell you something important, what will you tell them to say so past-you knows that you sent the message?"

Hey, folks..

It seems that there will probably be an in-person #defcon this summer, which means that #badgelife will be a thing.

I have a limited number (not more than 50) hand-made #badgelife things that I'm giving away for free. Yes, free. Those extra badges are cool, but they get expensive real fast, which means that a lot of folks get locked out of talks, tracks, some villages, and parties. This is for the not-rich, not rockstars, not super well connected folks in the community who want to find each other and do cool stuff together.

DM me if you're interested. I can give away up to three per person if you promise to give the extras away to folks who'd like them.

The #hacker community is just that - people.

Please boost?


It's been a while since I was given the chance to use my "hate-watching" skills for good.

Today, I was asked by one of my (virtual) students to review some of their work, and I was able to offer some useful feedback on their process.

"SLOW THE **** DOWN" remains one of my catchphrases.

You say "recipe book", I say "sauce code repository"

And in just an hour it will be time, once again, for Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!
Come and join us and our special guest!
#circusInPlace to follow.

TIL: #gitea has a migrate function to make it super duper easy to migrate projects off of #github. That's pretty awesome.

Episode 25a:

* Art Blakey - Blues March
* Miles Davis - E.S.P.
* Johnny Griffin - The Way You Look Tonight
* Grant Green - Matador
* Lee Morgan - Search For The New Land
* Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage

Tonight we are happy to announce that we will have a special guest star in the video chat!

Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour starting at 7pm UTC-5 to find out who will be joining the clowns for a training session:

Just typo'ed a servername while reconnecting to an IRC channel, and accidentally put in libera dot net instead of the correct dot chat, and you wouldn't believe where I found myself: Back on Freenode. Who've apparently secured that domain, and are using it to try to trick people back on to their services.

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