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covid, vaccines, illness 

Everybody in the family was vaccinated, but they still got the plague. Nobody got hospitalized, but it still sucked.

Wear your mask in public. Keep your distance. This ain't over.

Hello Wednesday!

returns to fulfill all your pun-filled, reality defiant, clown watching needs.

Tune in starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Despite Deere's lobbying, patronizing and FUD, the right to repair has - finally - triumphed.

Today, the Biden administration announced an executive order directing the Department of Ag and the FTC to develop R2R rules for agricultural equipment!

The fight's not over yet. The devil is in the details, those rules the FTC and Ag develop.


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2 hours till #circusInPlace
Come hang out with the clowns as they work out and practice acrobatics.

Join us tonight for a clown-full and (hopefully) explosion-free evening in the video chat, starting at 8pm UTC-5:

See you there!

My dad had lots of engineering, electronic, ham radio, computer, and audio/video gear and books, and had been doing his own electrical and plumbing work. My mom found someone who wanted most of the current ham gear 12ish years ago. But we have books galore (all dated) and bits of gear. I'll be posting some in this thread. If you want some, let me know by Thursday morning how you'd like to pay for shipping and I'll have the mailing shop nearby pack it up and send it out. For tools, make an offer.

On the plus side, all of my messed up, explosion disliking emotions now seem to be embedded in a hunk of clay on my kitchen table.

Art therapy for the win.

Now sharing relaxing music under the hashtag , with thanks to @sleepychris for the suggestion.

First up:

For anyone who might need some relaxing music, I would definitely recommend Sigur Rós. Here's their album Valtari, which is particularlly relaxing:

The sky is intermittently going 'boom' here tonight. The on-stage version of me would love this nonsense.

This me, however, is having a rough time with it.

I am INTENSELY listening to some chill music.

stop normalizing everything.

normal is a meaningless word.

just stop being dicks to people with different life experiences


Thanks for the follow!

I recommend filling out your profile and making an post so people can get to know you!

Hello Friday!

Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour as we kick off tonight's video chat.

Once properly caffeinated, hang around to see the clowns train acrobatics and other circus skills.

Yes, the coffee is that strong.

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-5:

dystopian cyberpunk short stories from the 90s are finally a reality and it's not as fun as I had assumed

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