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The weather here is bright and sunny today, proving that continues rain or shine!

Which makes sense considering it's an online event. :)

Come and hang out with clowns and their friends tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6:

Fun fact: Clowns *are* characters, and thus cannot really "break" character when something goes wrong.

Our second outtake video features a bunch of different times our clowns blew it, but proudly kept going as everything crashed and burned.

Never give up. Sometimes your mistakes are new comedy being written. Other times, you at least get a blooper reel. :)

BTW, like a lot of our work, this video clip has been released under a license.

You're free to both share and remix it.

I'd love to see a musician sample my silly screaming into something interesting!

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Here's a copy of the video for your direct-to-fedi viewing pleasure.

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I have uploaded the first blooper reel from our recent video project!

You can find it on the front door of our performing troupe's site:

P.S. - No clowns were harmed in the making of this video. That said, @avalon and I did make some really terrible noises...

Join the clowns early tonight to cap off the week with the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!

It's part of the video chat every Friday night, starting at 7pm UTC-5

Stupid joke of the day:

Wife: I regret getting you that blender for Christmas.

Me: sipping toast "Why?"

Ever disturb yourself with one of your own creative projects?

I just added teeth to a mask for the first time and feel like crawling out of my skin in mild uncanny valley body horror.

We Didn't Start The Fire, 15-25 March 2021 verse 

🎵 Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift,
Grammys had a venue shift
Avatar, Dead Sea Scrolls
Georgia shooting, Covid toll

Lava spewing in Iceland
Richter seven in Japan
Alan Turing fifty quid
Trouble in the Suez 🎵

Tonight the clowns return for another evening of gravity and sanity defiance in the video chat.

Join us starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Any instrument makers around these parts? Would love to see your projects and share knowledge :)

I have it in the back of my mind to start building harps soon.

Taking my bald spot outside for some photon collection.

Wisdom is a double-edged sword: the more you understand about ANYTHING, the greater your doubts about ALL THINGS; including yourself.

I am putting a call out to the fediverse for people who rely on screen readers to use computers to critique Mixxx's accessibility. Input from people who are musicians would be especially appreciated. I want to consider your perspectives as we are planning how to rewrite Mixxx's GUI with QML. Please boost.

If you're interested in helping, reply to this toot and introduce yourself on our Zulip chat:

Key lesson from last weekend:

Never ask for permission to create something. Never. If you ask, you'll be met with disinterest or denial every time. Even if those voices are the minority, they will always seem loudest.

One of the perks of living in a creative household is when one of my musical partners decides to learn a song I like.

I get to hear the song, the learning, and an entirely new thing coming into being.

It's all magic to me.

It's raining here, and the sky is dreary.

Fortunately, we have to brighten our evening!

Come join us starting at 8pm UTC-5 for a night filled with much needed silliness.

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