Ouf ! des tips pour butter les robots tueurs
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Tips for dealing with robotic police dog (SPOT)

this just seems like valuable information

Come hang out with actual clowns as they take a break from reality to spend the night encouraging levity (and defying gravity) in the video chat!

The fun starts at 8pm UTC-5:


Are there #freebsd users with jails that actually successfully upgrade their jails? This has always been a nightmare to me. How do you upgrade the base of your jails?

Sea urchins like to pick up shells and rocks and wear them as "hats"; the reason isn't well-understood, but it may protect them from predators or help weigh them down so they're less likely to be washed away during storms. So some aquarists have taken to making tiny hats for their sea urchins, which the urchins voluntarily pick up and put on:

Thought of the moment:

The grouping name for existential crises should be 'a scream'.


I currently have a full compliment of crises. What sort of ways do you have for me to accessorize them?


Bummer...and also opportunity to record a unique sound. :)

a man goes to his proctologist. says the world seems hard and cold, says he no longer feels happy. the proctologist says i have just the solution, the great clown pagliacci is in town, go see him he'll cheer you right up. the man says "butt doctor,

Friday Coffee :)
It's 1 hour til the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour,
bring any beverage you please, and chat with us while we prepare for #CircusInPlace at which point, we shall head towards acro shenanigans.

Can we make a pact to only boost described media? I'm sure covenanting on only making described media would probably be too hard at this point, but one step at a time. Also I'm sure I've boosted an undescribed thing or two, but perfection isn't to be the enemy of the good here.

#a11y #accessibility

We made it all the way to Friday!

Come celebrate by joining tonight's Emperor Norton Coffee Hour, followed by the usual shenanigans of the video chat.

Festivities begin at 7pm UTC-5, and run into the wee hours when the clowns collapse from exhaustion:



You've discovered more than I expected would be there. :)

"You know my methods, dear Watson," said Holmes. "Tell me what you can deduce about the two women on the other side of the street."
"They are of similar age, and walk arm in arm, so they are good friends."
"Very good." Holmes extended his arm. "Shall we?"
I took his arm. "Yes."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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