Does anyone have any recommendations for a sticker printer that does die-cut printing?

I was thinking about having some made of the *jan nasa pona* glyph from our website.

I've reached the "adding entries to my anki deck" stage of language learning .

As my last language was , this is an odd feeling. Part of my brain keeps wondering why we need so many words.

This is also the same brain which enjoyed studying mime, so it might be a broader issue. :)

nimi mute li ike.
multaj vortaj estas bone.

tenpo pimeja ni la, telo mute mute li kama tan sewi. kalama suli en kon wawa li lon. ni li pana e pilin pi wile awen tawa mi.

mi pana e kon.

mi sona e ni:

mi awen.

tenpo sin la, mi pana e kon.

ale li pona.

> tenpo suno pini la mi wile ante e ma.
> mi sona lili.
> tenpo suno ni la mi sona mute.
> mi ante e mi.
― jan Lumi

> “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
― Rumi

It's good to know I bring the really important stuff to a wiki ridiculous memes:

I just found out that the 'o kama sona' online tutorial for has been taken offline. Does anyone have another online tutorial they recommend?

I love it when the overlap in the Venn diagram of my interests leads to an interesting yet ridiculous learning opportunity.

Example: Today I managed to add a toggleable entry to my config.

A while back I taught my phone's autocorrect all of the words. Today I noticed I somehow missed 'walo' which now feels more significant than before.

Food + 

The other side of this delicious tofu sandwich may have said 'pona'.

It occurred to me that by both ingrained habit and popular request, I'll likely also include swearing demonstrations during tonight's virtual workout.

Enjoying having a few new baby students learning in our group chat. It's fun to watch them get comfortable with speaking badly as a group as they learn.

Feel free to toss me any early learning stuff you think they might enjoy.

Some high school students I met earlier this year are working on a documentary.

Tonight they posted a rough edit, and there cameos by some you might know from around the fediverse:

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