curious friends, allow me to introduce

The bot gives you a word from an Esperanto dictionary every hour.

Attempting to read news articles in so I can doomscroll in more than language.

I've reached the "adding entries to my anki deck" stage of language learning .

As my last language was , this is an odd feeling. Part of my brain keeps wondering why we need so many words.

This is also the same brain which enjoyed studying mime, so it might be a broader issue. :)

nimi mute li ike.
multaj vortaj estas bone.

It seems that I've continued my habit of learning a language by putting together random phrases, and having something poetic or painfully true pop out of the mix. Today, while practicing , I managed to say:

"La vojo estas malfacila kaj duboplena."

(The path is difficult and full of doubt.)

It's a bit like divination, really. Having new words to juggle is just complex enough of a task to help get me out of my own way so I can tell myself something I already know.

From the course I'm taking:

16. Is the sun warm?
Jes, la suno estas tre varma.
Ankaŭ...La suno estas maso de inkandeska gaso...

I apparently have reached the "pop culture references" stage of learning.

Today, my anki deck informed me that "ĵeti" is the infinitive form of the verb that means 'to throw'.

I'm taking a perverse delight in how close that is to 'yeet'...

Like a child, I've been trying to piece together enough of a new language in order to speak.

Tonight's effort:

"Mi volas imagi pli bona mondo."

Well said, simpler-me. I want to imagine a better world too.

Silly word I'm hoping catches on:

poŝamiko : pocket friends.

Mi ŝhatas miajn poŝamikojn de Mastodon.

I have reached the "children's books about pangolins" stage in my learning.

It is an adorable book.

Words like "fromaĝĉipsoj" are why I find agglutinative languages so entertaining.


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