From the files:

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be."

- Kurt Vonnegut

It seems that I've continued my habit of learning a language by putting together random phrases, and having something poetic or painfully true pop out of the mix. Today, while practicing , I managed to say:

"La vojo estas malfacila kaj duboplena."

(The path is difficult and full of doubt.)

It's a bit like divination, really. Having new words to juggle is just complex enough of a task to help get me out of my own way so I can tell myself something I already know.

Tonight's offering from the fortune file:

“Trying to dissect humor is like trying to dissect a frog - you may discover some interesting material, but the whole thing dies in the process.”

Socially-distanced conversation amused me today:

I went for a walk outside to catch the last of the day's sun, and briefly spoke with one of my neighbors.

As I said something they found pleasant, they unconsciously got physically closer to me.

Immediately after, they caught themselves and backed respectfully away with an apologetic smile.

It seems that the physical manifestation of charisma can be a little dance between people who are too far apart for comfort.

"You are more interesting than you fear you are not."
- Julie Goell

My "clown wisdom" fortune generator reminded me to not fall into cynicism today, and instead focus on finding the funny and magical stuff in ordinary life.

While I fear that it may be slowly achieving sentience, I have to admit it's a useful little friend full of knowledge to have around.

Today's :

"It is considered bad form to use your improv partner as a human shield."

- Russ Sharek, 2014.

I noticed that my porch is like a friendly little cage on the side of my home. As such, I've come to think of it as an outdoor playpen I go sit in when pretending to be an adult gets hard.

I've taken to reading the news before coffee. That way, I can use the extreme amounts of caffeine I consume to lower my heart rate afterwards.

Today I was informed that I am only full of surprises after my second cup of coffee.

I remain in wonder as to what we put in that second cup.

It is useful to remember that, when life gets too stressful, it is difficult to take things too solemnly from atop a unicycle.

Was digging through my clown quotes and rediscovered a gem from one of my teachers:

> You are more interesting than you fear you are not.
- Julie Goell

One of the fun parts of my job is embracing the fact that I never really "fit in" anywhere.

As a clown, "otherness" becomes an advantage, especially when paired with a compassion for all the "weird" things people do in the name of being one of the "normal" from my perspective.


inspired by sending a message to my performing partners reminding them not to wear green or orange costumes to an upcoming appearance at a local Irish Festival.

I performed this a while back as part of a holiday show. It seems to become more relevant with each passing year.

Happy Holidays. Be kind to yourselves, and each other.

Things that I've recently said to my clown students which will undoubtedly follow me until the end of my days:

> "Making clowns is a bit like making salad dressing. You throw a bunch of disparate ingredients together, conflicting things that technically don't mix well, and shake them up...preferably to happy music. Then you decant the mess, and hope everything holds together just long enough to enjoy your salad."

Hey @glimpse

My suggestion for the project:


Because we need more programs called fish.

Walking out of my local grocery this evening, I made a point of saying hello to the rather spaced out looking armed security guard sitting outside.

It was their total lack of response that made me realize how much lack of reassurance can be found in an unobservant person carrying a handgun.

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