Come hang out with actual clowns as they take a break from reality to spend the night encouraging levity (and defying gravity) in the video chat!

The fun starts at 8pm UTC-5:

That thing we keep rewriting on our drawing board is starting to look suspiciously like an outline for a new show!

It's waaaay too early to share anything more than the excitement that creativity is happening here...though this one quote from our last brainstorming session really stuck out at me:

"You're no longer lost at sea when you choose a direction to sail."

It's been a while since I was given the chance to use my "hate-watching" skills for good.

Today, I was asked by one of my (virtual) students to review some of their work, and I was able to offer some useful feedback on their process.

"SLOW THE **** DOWN" remains one of my catchphrases.

Earlier this year, my performing troupe created a virtual show for a convention which wisely moved their event online. Now that the event is over, I'm able to publish the show for everyone to enjoy!

Make some popcorn and enjoy!

I have survived a game of Bartok played by clowns, which included detailed rules requiring sashaying away from the table melodramatically, trading cards with yourself, and burpees.

I was today years old when a person from the fediverse spotted my unprompted at a random, albeit virtual, event.

A single photo from a few years ago, snuck into a presentation that livestreamed today. A happy random reminder from a really wonderful event.

I've decided this is a meaningful cosmic message, and it's doing a lot to fuel my optimism engine.

Fun fact: Clowns *are* characters, and thus cannot really "break" character when something goes wrong.

Our second outtake video features a bunch of different times our clowns blew it, but proudly kept going as everything crashed and burned.

Never give up. Sometimes your mistakes are new comedy being written. Other times, you at least get a blooper reel. :)

I have uploaded the first blooper reel from our recent video project!

You can find it on the front door of our performing troupe's site:

P.S. - No clowns were harmed in the making of this video. That said, @avalon and I did make some really terrible noises...

The weather has made for a dreary day here at HQ.

I'm excited to warm up with some coffee, terrific online friends, and training later tonight at

As a reminder, we start our shenanigans an hour early tonight. We call it the "Emperor Norton Coffee Hour" and it gives us a chance to sit down and chat for a bit before we get to work on our circus skills.

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-6, and traditionally runs all night. Pop in and say hello!

Come see the human cartoon boot camp that is our workout tonight in the video chat!

Things kick off at 8pm UTC-6, and run all night. We will be there training our skills, and our friends from all over keep us company while we try not to drop each other on our heads.

Take that, gravity!

It's rare that the schmaltz-y emotional and freedom-loving geek sides of me get to celebrate at the same time, so this is doubly exciting:

My troupe has posted our annual video, and for the first time we are the files!

Please enjoy this little bit of joy we worked hard to create for you, and do so without having to endure the ugliness of ads, trackers, or big data mining companies.

With love from the Circus Freaks:

"Hear This Silence"

It's Monday, cold and dreary here at HQ. I am so glad I have working out with friends tonight in to warm me up and brighten my night!

Pop in an say hi starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Tonight in I'll be taking another desperately needed break from reality to move my body and chat with friendly people.

If any of those things sound appealing I'd welcome the company.

The powered silliness starts at 8pm UTC-5:

Things I did not know:

My partner has a Fire Ferrets shirt that she hand made, and intends to wear to tonight's video chat.

Come for the shirt, stay for the shenanigans.

We start an hour early tonight, so we can have a coffee with our friends. See you there!

Tonight at 7pm UTC-5:

I swear I do things other than sleep and spend time in the video chat.

I also drink coffee.

Come see at least one of those things happen tonight starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Tonight we open an hour early for a chat! It's a great opportunity to meet some people, have an actual conversation, and catch up with your friendly fediverse friends.

Grab a beverage and join is at 7pm UTC-5:

After the chat, we'll be practicing our skills. For us that means , , and a bit of .

Come keep us company!

With the power now restored to the house, I'm happy to report that we'll be back to as usual!

Come join us at 8pm (UTC-5) for all manner of shenanigans, conversation, and circus silliness.

It's Monday of International Week!

Come join the clowns as they celebrate it at , along with you, our fediverse friends.

The video chat fun starts at 8pm UTC-5, and runs until we collapse:

Happy International Clown Week!

Here's a minor victory we unlocked during last night's video chats:

I'll be lying here on the couch letting my abs rest until Monday, when we'll be back for more of these shenanigans.


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