The Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to kick off tonight's video chat.

Join us for a cup of whatever suits your fancy starting at 7pm UTC-5, and stick around to watch clowns practice the sorts of gravity defying things that make you say "wow!"

Imaginary studies have shown that clowns are happier when exposed to friendship and conversation.

We call this experiment , and we invite you to avoid the doldrums of being in the placebo group by dropping by anytime starting at 8pm UTC-5.

Nine out of ten imaginary scientists agree that hanging out with clowns while they train acrobatics is good for your mental health. Join the conversation at , and keep those imaginary scientists happy!

The fun starts tonight at 8pm UTC-5:

Join the clowns tonight for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour, which kicks off tonight's .

Shenanigans of an acrobatic nature to follow. Conversational silliness throughout.

Starting at 7pm UTC-5:

After a really stress-filled day yesterday, I'm really looking forward to spending time with online friends in tonight.

Thank you all in advance for coming to visit the clowns as we practice throwing ourselves at the floor, acrobatically speaking.

See you starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Hello Monday!

In a few hours the clowns will return to the video chat for a night of circus training with company from all over the fediverse.

Come be a part of the fun starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Tonight we are happy to announce that we will have a special guest star in the video chat!

Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour starting at 7pm UTC-5 to find out who will be joining the clowns for a training session:

Hello Wednesday!

returns to fulfill all your pun-filled, reality defiant, clown watching needs.

Tune in starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Join us tonight for a clown-full and (hopefully) explosion-free evening in the video chat, starting at 8pm UTC-5:

See you there!

Hello Friday!

Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour as we kick off tonight's video chat.

Once properly caffeinated, hang around to see the clowns train acrobatics and other circus skills.

Yes, the coffee is that strong.

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-5:

Hello Wednesday!

In a few short hours, the clowns will be doing their acrobatic thing in the video chat.

Come cheer them on and keep them company starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Tonight the clowns return to for another session of circus shenanigans.

Keep them company starting at 8pm UTC-5:

This evening, The Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to . Join the clowns for a coffee at 7pm UTC-5, and hang around afterwards as they practice their circus skills.

See you tonight!

Join the clowns for a night of spoken silliness and circus skills in progress in the video chat!

Starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Take a break from the world and hang out with some clowns as they train their acrobatic skills in the video chat.

See you tonight at 8pm UTC-5!

Tonight's "King Norton Java Hour" starts in a handful of hours. Won't you join our clowns starting at 8pm UTC-5 for a bit of fun?

Tonight our clowns will flip, fly, and stack in . Show up at 8pm UTC-5 and you can watch!

Tonight lands happily on your monitors, providing mirth and distraction from the toil of a normal Monday.

Starting at 8pm UTC-5, this frivolity is brought to you by actual clowns, and kind folks from Mastodon.

Tonight the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to . Grab a cuppa starting at 7pm UTC-5 and we'll see you there!

The mid-week weirdness continues as we return to for another night of stimulating conversation and acrobatic clowns...and possibly vice versa.

The fun starts at 8pm UTC-5:

See you there!

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