The Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to tonight at 7pm UTC-5.

Grab your beverage of choice and keep the clowns company!

Acrobatic shenanigans to follow throughout the night.

Grab a project, yoga mat, or comfy chair and pop into the video chat for a night of comfortable reality avoidance with friends from the fediverse.

The clowns be working on their acrobatic skills, and are always grateful for the company.

Shenanigans start at 8pm UTC-5:

After a weekend which simply flew by, the clowns return to their roost like the most bizarre of birds.

Join them in their ongoing attempts to defy gravity, sanity, and boredom as they spend their night flying acrobatically over gymnastics mats while chatting with their fediverse friends.

Silliness starts at 8pm UTC-5:

Join the apparently caffeine-powered clowns as they fuel up during the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour...with an entire night of acrobatic shenanigans to follow.

Starting at 7pm UTC-5, in the video chat:

The mid-week tomfoolery continues as the clowns return to practicing their skills in the video chat.

Join us starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Take a break from other less reliable social networks and enjoy a night with insomniac clowns practicing their gravity defying skills in the video chat.

Shenanigans kick off at 8pm UTC-5:

Enjoy a Friday filled with clowns and conversation, all thanks to the magic of the video chat.

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-5 with the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour, and then keeps going as a pair of highly caffeinated circus performers practice their thing all night.

The clowns diligently return to their nonsense tonight in the video chat. Come join them for conversation and acts of gravitational defiance.

Shenanigans begin at 8pm UTC-5:

Formal attire not required.
Silly hats welcomed.
Some assembly required.

Technical difficulties. will return as soon as our internet returns!

After letting my body rest for a weekend, I'm excited to get back to for a little acrobatics training.

Come join me and the rest of the gang as I risk my neck in the name of whimsy!

Starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Tonight the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to at its usual time and level of absurdity.

Join us for coffee, conversation, and clowns starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Join us tonight for , the fun part in the middle of our week!

My clown partner @avalon and I will be practicing acrobatics and other circus skills starting at 8pm UTC-5.

Friends from all over the world join us for conversation, company while they work on their own projects, and to occasionally cheer when someone gets something right. :)

Tonight returns to its normal time, virtual place, and usual brand of conversational weirdness.

Come hang out with clowns as they practice their acrobatics, and the wonderful friends who keep them company while they do it.

Starting at 8pm UTC-5:

Due to minor technical difficulties, the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour will be starting one hour later tonight.

Please join starting at 8pm UTC-5:

After a night of tinkering on geeky projects, I'm excited to get up and move!

Pop into the video chat and keep me company as I throw another person into the air.

(It's OK, @avalon asked me too.)

The shenanigans start at 8pm UTC-5:

Informal studies have shown regular doses of promotes happiness, enhanced levels of whimsy, and a greater sense of being in the company of actual clowns.

Join the video chat starting at 8pm UTC-5:

While shockingly expensive, I'm really excited that we've recently pulled the trigger on some upgrades to the gymnastics mats we train with during . Soon we'll be able to risk going a little higher, a little further, and a little weirder with all of our shenanigans.

In the meantime, I'm hoping that all of our failures continue to be as silly as this one:

Coffee, clowns, and conversation.

It's difficult to think of a better way to spend a Friday night in your pandemic bunker.

Join us for the Emperor Norton Coffee hour, tonight in the video chat.

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-5, and continues well into the wee hours.

Celebrate the magic of making it through half the week by hanging out with your friendly (virtual) neighborhood clowns in the video chat!

The shenanigans start at 8pm UTC-5, and tend to run very late.

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