It's almost time to tune into for a night of equilbrilistics, loquacious jocularity, and other big words.

Starting at 8pm UTC-5:

The especially jovial mood during tonight's is because we'll be celebrating @avalon 's birthday!

Pop in and join the fun starting at 7pm UTC-5:

It's mid-week, and nearly time for the clowns to return to for another night of creative human folding, throwing, and stacking...aka acrobatics training.

Come watch the shenanigans starting at 8pm UTC-6:

After solving a few household tech support issues, we're back online and getting ready for tonight's !

Join us starting at 8pm UTC-6 for fun with a pair of clowns which have no business operating a computer.

Looking forward to enjoying coffee with fediverse friends tonight at the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour. It's part of the Friday night extravaganza we call

The fun starts at 7pm UTC-6, and goes until the caffeine wears off. See you tonight in the video chat!

Join us tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6 for , the video chat which lives in the center of the strangest imaginable Venn diagram of social circles.

The weather here is bright and sunny today, proving that continues rain or shine!

Which makes sense considering it's an online event. :)

Come and hang out with clowns and their friends tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6:

Join the clowns early tonight to cap off the week with the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!

It's part of the video chat every Friday night, starting at 7pm UTC-5

Tonight the clowns return for another evening of gravity and sanity defiance in the video chat.

Join us starting at 8pm UTC-5:

It's raining here, and the sky is dreary.

Fortunately, we have to brighten our evening!

Come join us starting at 8pm UTC-5 for a night filled with much needed silliness.

Tonight we celebrate one year of hosting the video chat!

Come join us all night to see the friends we made and the tricks we've learned.

We'll be there starting at 7pm UTC-5.

Thank you so much for keeping us company!

Pop into the video chat any time after 8pm UTC-5 tonight to see clowns in their native habitat.*

*Currently, it's their living room.

In a few hours, my living room will once again be converted into the makeshift clown gym we use to host the video chat.

It's a bit like the calm before a very silly storm.

Pop by starting at 8pm UTC-5 (note the time change!) for a night of conversation, circus tricks, and other shenanigans.

Tonight the clowns kick off the evening an hour early, to enjoy the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour.

Grab a cuppa and pop into starting at 7pm UTC-6 to see what happens when suitably caffeinated clowns hit the gym mats later in the evening.

A windy Wednesday has sent our clowns tumbling!

Fortunately hours of training will pay off as they land safely, if not gracefully, in the video chat.

See them, and all of their fediverse friends, tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6:

Imaginary research has shown that spending your Monday night with clowns can lead to measurable increases in both happiness and amusement.

But don't take my word for it!

Conduct your own experiments tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6 in the video chat.

Hello Friday!

The end of another week, and almost time for the sanity saver that is hanging out with friendly people in the video chat!

Tonight's the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour, which is a fancy way of saying we will open the chat an hour early for coffee and conversation.

We've met some lovely new folks this past week. Thank you for the boosts that spread the word!

See you tonight starting at 7pm UTC-6!

"There are sober men a plenty,
And drunkards barely twenty..."

Wait a minute, that's Rambling Rover.

I'm supposed to be posting about !

"There are artists there a plenty,
And clowns being friendly..."

I'd better stick to circus. This folk song writing thing is hard!

Join us tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6 for shenanigans a plenty...


Attention weird people!

Your virtual tribe will be gathering this evening to converse about topics esoteric, breathe the increasingly rare air found in taking a break from the grimdark of the world, and watch clowns bench press each other.

We call this

This non-mandatory meeting of the minds begins at 8pm UTC-6, and all are welcome.

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