I'm delighted to report that my researcher minions uncovered this for me.

It's not a photo of the source tablet, but it is a reasonably reliable translation.

I decided to walk in the sun today.

Despite the summer heat, I didn't combust instantly thanks to my handy umbrella. I got it as a gift for working a charity event some years ago.

For some reason, it annoys the crap out of some of my neighbors. This delights me.

I have reached the "children's books about pangolins" stage in my learning.

It is an adorable book.

We made a 4000 year old thing out of craft project leftovers, and I'm now convinced it only went out of fashion because it is a viscious, brutish game which encourages fist fights and gambling.

I highly recommend giving it a try. :)

I alsolove that it's a thing so old that no one can 'own' it.

In addition to our usual shenanigans, tonight at you can see the results of our second amateur home haircut.

Last time, one of us ended up bald!

The grand reveal begins at 8pm UTC-5:


covid, actual good news. 

I got stickers and a software patch today.


I'm as surpised as you are to spot my clown working. :)

Based on the hair, that photo is a few years old. So happy to see it today. Thank you!

Fun fact: Clowns *are* characters, and thus cannot really "break" character when something goes wrong.

Our second outtake video features a bunch of different times our clowns blew it, but proudly kept going as everything crashed and burned.

Never give up. Sometimes your mistakes are new comedy being written. Other times, you at least get a blooper reel. :)

Here's a copy of the video for your direct-to-fedi viewing pleasure.

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I have uploaded the first blooper reel from our recent video project!

You can find it on the front door of our performing troupe's site:


P.S. - No clowns were harmed in the making of this video. That said, @avalon and I did make some really terrible noises...

Behind the scenes: Photo of the 'memory extractor' prop from a video our clowns are working on right now.

So it is official, I have my new keyboard!

A few months ago, I ordered a Ginny from gboards.ca and it arrived today.

The build is absolutely beautiful, and after a few minutes struggle I was able to bang out these words. Speed will come with practice, and I am eager to see how limiting myself to writing on a 10 ten key keyboard will affect my experience of writing...

I mean, other than speed. These first few words were brutal. :)

I re-watched the animated film *Triplets of Belleville* last night, which @naugeleh introduced me to a few years ago.

While I remembered it fondly, I had completely forgotten just how bonkers a film it actually was.

It's gorgeous, weird, and funny.

I was tinkering with a mask I've been stuck on, and I stumbled into an accidental 'technique' which gave the sculpt some lovely smooth surfaces.

I loaded up a paint brush with the solvent I use to polish them, and buffed like mad until everything looked like satin. Then, again with water, and boom...first mask progress of the new year!

I'm hoping I haven't nerfed my plasticine by using too much solvent, because I'm really liking this look.

Don't stare too long, masks get shy. :)

At last, I've found a meme that does *not* apply to my experience of entering 2021.

Here's to a new year.

Laundry day!

Or as I like to think of it, percussion created by tiny penguins dancing on my gym shorts.

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