"Self Control"
digital photograph, 2019.

I stumbled on this outside a martial arts dojo. I've uploaded it to the Internet Archive and made it available for all manner of remixing fun:


Warning label on my laptop today:

"o pilin ala e ni. ona li pali mute."

(Don't touch this. It is working hard.)


I feel confident that I'm not the only one here who will get a chuckle out of this one


I love it when my silly worlds collide.

Today, my needed a prop with a gibberish warning label on it. I employed my and few minutes worth of skills to create this bit of silliness:

Label Text:

o lukin a!
lipu ni li sama ala e ilo supa pi tawa sewi telo


(Approximate) Translation:

This document is not a flotation device.

I could use a little identifying the source of this image. It was given to me at a music festival last weekend, but I can't find any information about it's origins.

Anyone know anything?


This evening @Avalon made a handmade card deck out of index cards and proceeded to positively trounce me in an addictive little game called Emu Ranchers.

We found the idea here: decktet.com

Her deck was made using symbols rather than Decktet's 'official' glyphs, leading us to call our newfound addiction "waso nasa".

There's a whole wiki full of games to explore.


I finally got my head somewhat wrapped around the use of registers in today. I feel like I'm living in one of those silly "consciousness expanded" memes.

Here's a really excellent blog post that helped me:


Hello Mastofriends!

I've just returned from a deep dive mask theater intensive, and my brain is completely mush. I've learned things I'll be processing for months, and absolutely loved the experience.

In your opinion, what are the top ten interesting things I've missed on the in that time?

There was until recently a terrific shoppe in Dallas called USToys. They sold all manner of interesting educational toys, party supplies and the generally weird playful things you'd expect to see in kids classrooms.

I had a kazoo-related emergency (it happens) and popped in to discover that they were closing their brick and mortar store.

It felt like another casualty of 'big everything', and made this sign I spotted seem especially poignant.


Am I the only free software loving that's excited that the next release of is named Buster?

I know it isn't after this guy, but I'm excited to pretend it is!


My love of using pictures of locks on lockscreens and creative commons content just collided in a lovely way:


Here's the version I crushed down to a small PNG file in case anyone wants it.

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