Used my recovery day to do a little geek tinkering, and now my calendar and contact list are being served up to my phone via nextcloud rather than Google.

I like to post about this stuff not just because it interests me, but I feel like people need to hear that these sorts of privacy enhancing shenanigans are possible for less technical users.

I'm not an IT person. At best I'm an enthusiast that can read documentation. I got it done, maybe you can too.


A nextcloud instance installed on the the same virtual server as my company's website.

Had some help making that happen, mind you, but the setup after that is easy.

Plenty of free and cheap option out there if you just want an account on someone else's box too.

@woozle @dulcet

That's a brilliant idea. I bet a lot of people would benefit.


@dulcet @woozle

My only consideration would be making sure users understood what you could and could not access as their admin.

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