Used my recovery day to do a little geek tinkering, and now my calendar and contact list are being served up to my phone via nextcloud rather than Google.

I like to post about this stuff not just because it interests me, but I feel like people need to hear that these sorts of privacy enhancing shenanigans are possible for less technical users.

I'm not an IT person. At best I'm an enthusiast that can read documentation. I got it done, maybe you can too.

@RussSharek WEll done. Sounds great. I'm at a similar point. I just set up a VPN on Qubes OS which I got to using only a couple of years after I first discovered Linux. I'll keep an eye out for your writing about it.


I've been periodically tooting about it. Not sure I have much longer form to say, other than my enjoying the feeling of taking my privacy a little more into my own hands.

I've not played with Qubeos. What's the advantage?

@RussSharek Well it's difficult, because I don't know that there is anybody who can objectively talk on the advantages of virtualisation when it depends on so much code, but Qubes breaks your activities on a computer in a number of different security zones, each of which is handled as a virtual machine. The USB is handled by a vm, the net by another. Theoretically, you could be compromised on one, leaving the others unexposed.


I can see where that would be useful.

Was it more difficult to set up and use than other distributions?

@fdroidorg @nextcloud

Oh yes!

Thank you for reminding me to shout them, and you helpful folks, out.

The barrier is setting up a nextcloud server. As someone with no experience with servers I couldn't figure it out. Every explanation I could find seems to assume some knowledge I don't have...


Our web host had a click to install option and some very helpful tech support. Otherwise I'd likely have failed.

One more step to the freedom world is done. Congratulations! 👍


Thanks. Felt quite empowering, really.

Hoping to do more down the road.


OK. Thanks for sharing.

Self-hosted - owned server at "home"?
Hosting company?

Will you plan to serve your circus group members, or is this just personal?


We ended up tossing it on the same virtual host as our website, though I may move it to a home server later.

The plan is to eventually move our entire circus to open source solutions. Right now some brave clowns are the beta testers.


A nextcloud instance installed on the the same virtual server as my company's website.

Had some help making that happen, mind you, but the setup after that is easy.

Plenty of free and cheap option out there if you just want an account on someone else's box too.

@woozle @dulcet

That's a brilliant idea. I bet a lot of people would benefit.

@dulcet @woozle

My only consideration would be making sure users understood what you could and could not access as their admin.


I almost went that direction as well, but I do use this info for business purposes. I didn't want to disrespect their user agreement.


Mostly by following directions.

After getting nextcloud set up, I exported my Google data and used Thunderbird with the cardbook plugin to sort my contacts.

Once that was done, I used davdroid and the nextcloud client to sync my phone. The tricky thing there was to make sure I disabled syncing on the Google calendar and contact list.

I'm currently giving etar calendar a try on Android, because the gcal app keeps asking me to turn the Google syncing back on.

Go figure. :)

That’s exactly what I’m working on nowadays. Except that I’m a techy person who could totally do it given a day off. Shame on me, and kudos to you for doing it!

The biggest task in ungooglification is getting rid of email. It’s a real PITA to operate one’s own mail servers.


Agreed. Fortunately I already had that in place.

I did have my email archiving in Gmail for a long time though. I found a quick solution for that by adding the Gmail account to Thunderbird and backing it up locally.

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