I got a lovely reminder today that projects I worked on in the past may seem like ancient memories to me, but will be new discoveries for people when they find them later.

As a person who's most familiar with making live performances, asynchronous creativity at times still feels like a magical new idea.

Keep making stuff.
Keep sharing stuff.


The oldest joke on that list, from ancient Sumeria, has become an old friend to me. I keep bumping into it in conversations and I'm always happy to see it.

@RussSharek @FediThing Posterity, in this case, being mostly references to posteriors.


Hahaha, that's a very diplomatic way of saying you'd heard it before 😁

Thinking about it, perhaps I first heard about this on one of your threads 😳

@FediThing @RussSharek If an ox is a castrated bull?? how did it get the cow pregnant? Part of the joke I guess...


No diplomacy needed: I've also heard my favorite songs many times, yet still enjoy them thoroughly.

It's possible I started the cuneiform fart joke thread up in your world too. It's come up a few times since I joined masto.

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