Some regulars have encouraged us to record a podcast.

I argued that we would have to lock ourselves in a closet in order to get a clean recording. It was quickly pointed out that locking two clowns in a closet and forcing them to answer questions would be a terrific premise for such a project.

And so, I need your help!

What questions would you like to hear answered by two classically-trained theater and circus clowns kept under lock and key until they provide a response?

So it's said, feel free to boost the heck out of this. :)

@RussSharek What's the most classical clown gag (e.g. squirt flower, nose honk, etc.) that is still considered a crowd-pleaser today?

What's the best new gag clowning has come up with in the past 10 years?

@RussSharek How do you 'keep the plates spinning' so to speak in the current climate? Tell about training, pandemic, people, reaching out, and being stuck 'in'

(that might be a whole episode there!) :)

@RussSharek What forces other than plate tectonics do you think have had the biggest impact on forming the present state of the Earth's lithosphere?

@RussSharek tell us about times that an audience or audience member really appreciated something you didn’t expect to be remarked upon, or felt really ‘on your side’ when something (internal or external) went wrong.

What kind of clowning is a closet most suited to, what did you always wanted to do in a closet, as a clown?

@RussSharek When people use "clown car" or "clown world" to describe politics they dislike or even hate, is your response to:

1. work hard to reclaim the word "clown", educate people
2. consider a new word
3. expect people to know the difference between different uses of a word
4. not care
5. be sad
6. be proud
7. something else, all or some of the above, etc

@RussSharek My gf suggests: what is the history and point of the clown make up and also red noses?


Possible topic: how much is scripted fun and how much is improvised in a typical act?

@RussSharek @nomad 1. How many clowns can you fit in that closet? Two seems like you’re not really trying. 2. Why did you become a clown?

@RussSharek Why do you do it? Asking that in the context, or at least personal understanding, that there is something that drives the art. It's rare that anyone who does it and stays with it is doing it for fame and fortune (unless, ofc, they get fame and fortune)

@RussSharek oh, and in case that parses badly, I hope no one equates game and fortune with "successful" or "good".

We all know who Pauly Shore is, as an example.

Your guys are awesome. What makes the work worthwhile?

@RussSharek Who are your clown heroes? Other clowns you look up to? Who's your favorite stage actor for theater?


Are all of you answering these questions? Or just two of you? Which two of you?


My little contribution to the #question list:

Have you ever had encounters with clowns from other clowning traditions / schools / philosophies, and how did it go when you tried to clown around / collaborate with each other?

What #clown #wisdom has been passed on to you by other clowns you’ve known, be they the three-ring, vaudeville, or sacred variety?


@RussSharek How did you explain your choice of profession to the people in your life when going off to clown school? Was it always your plan or did you discover it later, maybe after some false starts? How do you think your performances affect people in the long term? What's the most "serious" thing you studied for clowning?

@RussSharek Oh, and what is up with the "clowns are creepy" meme?

@RussSharek How do you think people will react when you come out of the closet as 2 clowns?

@RussSharek if you could rename something, anything, to become the public canon term for such a thing, what would you rename?


Another #question for “Two Clowns, One Closet”: How do real #clown situations differ from their usual portrayals in popular media? For example:

The Birthday Party

Busking in the Tourist Quarter

Between Burlesque Acts

Distracting Bulls Away From Fallen Cowboys


@RussSharek "We would have to lock ourselves in a closet"

Oh so you are already familiar with how podcasts are made.

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