After one year, I've reached that point in weight lifting where I'm using blood flow restriction techniques to build muscles, and considering a home gym with a full power cage. Getting fit with year long thrice-a-week physical activity is probably the one thing I can be proud of in 2021.

That, and learning how to play the RAV Vast, and finally diving into sound synthesis, I guess.

For some reason, I still feel like a failure of a human being. My brain is stupid.



The rhythm of such a routine was the only way I managed it.

@RussSharek Yes, for me, it was really about setting myself temporal markers and stick to them until it became an automatism.

Now, I feel like I'm kind of addicted, but in a good way. It's funny to think that even on a bad day, when I'm not motivated at all to do my workout, I find myself already doing it anyway while still trying to find an excuse to not do it.


I like thinking of it as a "ritual" rather than "addiction". Otherwise it feels very similar to what you are describing...a set intention made by a me that wanted a thing, and all I need to do is just stumble along the path now in progress.

@RussSharek Yes, it's clearly a ritual, and it sounds much better. I like how it implies that it has a personal meaning and a specific way to be done, while "addiction" is just something vaguely scientific and negative.

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