First opportunity to go for a night walk since people have put up spooky decorations. It's eerie how soothing they are compared to ones from other holidays.

I fear this says a lot about me.

@RussSharek I find Christmas to be the most joyous yet most unsettling holiday of the year, if that makes any sort of sense


I'm one of those people who enjoys the good parts of what that holiday brings out in people, and struggles with every other aspect of it.

@RussSharek Halloween really is the anti-Christmas to me...a celebration of the macabre yet most relaxed and fun holiday. The reason I always take days off between Christmas and New Year's Day is because Christmas is so. damn. exhausting.


When it's safe to perform holiday shows are weirdly among my favorites. Of course I get to spend the season as Scrooge, so my view is likely biased.

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