technical jiggery pokery 

Nerd Achievement (and bootloader) Unlocked:

I have successfully de-googled a device.

Bonus realization:

I could knit a sweater from all the yak shaving required.

technical jiggery pokery 

@RussSharek One of the first things I loved about the PinePhone was the lack of yack shaving. No fussing with unlocking bootloaders, no keeping an eye on eBay for a good price that wasn't a submodel with a locked bootloader or completely different CPU. Just dd. That's all. Such a joy.

technical jiggery pokery 

@be @RussSharek Yes, degoogling a phone is an irksome process, even if you have carefully selected the model to be maximally amenable.

I will be glad when things like pinephone ware more ready for average use, but Android is likely to remain what most people are running for the foreseeable.

technical jiggery pokery 


I wasn't quite ready to make the jump, but I am absolutely looking forward to that when mms gets a little more reliable.

Personally I could do without, but my clients tend to send me info that way. :(

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