Okay OpenBSD 6.9 is mostly good to go. Just trying to figure out why screen is fighting with me over UTF-8 again. And this latest version doesn't seem to have the -U switch anymore. And "utf8 on " is no longer a valid command.

Odd. the -U option is mentioned in the screen man page but the actual installed version of screen gives an Unknown option error.

Okay, so OpenBSD's GNU Screen package wasn't built with UTF-8 Support.

For those who know how to properly contribute and report bugs, how is the best way to report this?

Okay, so after some discussion with the fine folks in #OpenBSD on Freenode, it looks like this is the reason for UTF-8 being disabled in GNU Screen on OpenBSD:

So perhaps in 3 or 4 years when they get around to releasing a new version, it can be enabled in OpenBSD again.

@RussSharek it definitely does. I just tend to use screen, and then tmux inside screen.

Though this has me thinking about how I could change my workflow. Perhaps my first tmux session could be run with an alternate config with screen key bindings (C-a) or something.



You can also create a hotkey which toggles disabling and enabling the local prefix so you can pass the keys through to the remote session.

I avoid nesting them, keep my keybinds enabled, and theme each session different colors. I ran a command on the wrong machine just enough times that I don't fully trust myself. :)

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