I seem to be having a cursed technology week. On the plus side, I seem to still possess the skills necessary to field strip a thinkpad while under emotional duress.

When people tell ask me why I do circus professionally, I should really tell them it's less stressful than being an amateur sysadmin.

Seriously, I don't know how you folks do it with so much zen.

@RussSharek when you work with tech every week is a cursed technology week.

Glad you have enough calm!


That makes so much sense!

In my work, getting something wrong usually means a week of either feeling some physical pain or apologizing for some you inadvertently caused.

Somehow it's still less stressful to me than trying to get a laptop that's gone wonky to boot.

@RussSharek "technology always fails" is our "mantra" when doing art+tech projects

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