What do you use for calendaring on your little devices? I just started playing with remind and feel like it's exactly the sort of tool you'd be into.

@RussSharek I've tried a number of them like calcurse and khal but ended up using a very simple tool called calendar-cli that just queries a caldav server directly and use the output in my scripts for my dashboard. This one looks pretty interesting too though for if I ever need anything more featureful. Thanks!


I've been similarly using khal and vdirsyncer. Thinking of switching, as remind is so much simpler.

@RussSharek I'll have to watch the video a little further. I only watched for a couple minutes because it was really long. At the moment I don't have any real schedule or deadlines for anything so I don't need much beyond basic stuff :).


Ironically, the same logic got me exploring.

"As long as we've stopped..."

@RussSharek @kelbot remind is cool. I've been using it on and off for the better part of a decade.

Not sure there is anything mobile friendly for remind. Maybe termux?

@MasseR @RussSharek @kelbot

Hmm, remind is... Scary. Probably close to what I'm looking for in a calendar app though. Otherwise, there's org mode :)

@samae @MasseR @kelbot

The tutorial vid and linked artitles made it fathomable for me. It's interesting and flexible.

@samae @RussSharek @kelbot it's really flexible. Programmatic calendars. There's also a TUI for it called wyrd, written in ocaml

@MasseR @samae @kelbot

I've read that wyrd exists, but couldn't find a living page for it.

@MasseR @samae @kelbot

I've yet to have found a clean way to sync with nextcloud, but I did find a chain of nonsense I was rather proud of:

create remind file > rem2ics > khal import > vdirsyncer sync

I don't want to live by that long term, but it is *exactly* the chain-of-textfiles reason I love these sorts of tools.

@RussSharek @MasseR @samae
I do love that we have multiple options for terminal calendar applications. For my dumb scripts calendar-cli is nice because it's one utility that just queries the caldav calendar and avoids all the fidddlyness. I did like the calcurse tui. It looks really nice.

@kelbot @MasseR @samae

Got a chance to take a look at calendar-cli. A little fiddly to set up, but definitely useful...thanks!

@MasseR @kelbot

You can also edit the remind files with a text editor.

I was thinking of autoregenerating an html cal for viewing on mobile.

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