How about a ! :louis_toots_too:

Have you made a tutorial you'd like to share? What was the last tutorial you watched that was useful, that helped you and that you learned something from?




Here's an abridged version of my "Joy of Failure" clown theater workshop!

It was created for a youth theater festival, and afterwards I released it under a license:

Possibly useful stuff to all creatives that the video covers:

A visceral, hands-on understanding of how tension is the enemy of creativity.

Techniques for becoming more in the moment with the creative process..

Non-adversarial re-framing of the audience/creator relationship.


With most of my work being live theater, I'm basically on the bench right now for pandemic I'm more than happy that something I dd might help.

@RussSharek Yeah, absolutely. Hurrah for online communities and the ability to record, upload, and share things like that ^.^

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