So it is official, I have my new keyboard!

A few months ago, I ordered a Ginny from and it arrived today.

The build is absolutely beautiful, and after a few minutes struggle I was able to bang out these words. Speed will come with practice, and I am eager to see how limiting myself to writing on a 10 ten key keyboard will affect my experience of writing...

I mean, other than speed. These first few words were brutal. :)


I don't think I'd be comfortable producing a video of me swearing that much.

@RussSharek Awesome!

I had not heard of this before, but just looked up #asetniop and tried out their 'try me' web app thing. I like more than I expected. Chords are fairly intuitive and much easier on the hands.

Thanks for sharing. I have new thing to explore!


Careful, that's what got me hooked too.

I'm currently trying to get my head around flashing the firmware. There's a couple of things that fly WAAAAAY over my head.

@RussSharek Eh, I'm not going to be able to get to deep into it (un)fortunately. A few minutes search didn't turn up a way to get it set up on Linux and I don't use my tablet enough for writing to be worth digging into.

I've got it bookmarked for later, but without a useable option available...


I hear you. It's in that weird spot where it is an idea for an implementation, and very few people have built anything that supports it.

I believe Plover, which is traditionally used for stenography, has a configuration that supports asetniop. Additionally, if you have a fancy programmable keyboard you can create a layer for it.

@RussSharek I worked on a linux interface (driver and desktop app) for a very similar keyboard when I was at Recurse Center. Instead of traditional chording, it would show the next 1 or more letters available under each key, adapting as you typed a word (changing after you hit each key).
That was the boring part, the real fun was having it learn from your n-grams as you use it, so it places your most likely next letters right under your fingertips. It stored portable markov-like-chain data.


That is really cool. Did it ever get released in a "finished" form?

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