My friends and I have created a small, welcoming place where we video chat called .

The name is because I'm a clown, and I train circus skills there. Over time, it has become so much more.

We do the 'be human' thing there, and despite the geographic limitations we do it together. It keeps people happy, and me sane (or what passes for it).

I'd like to invite you to the weird thing we made on the internet. We'll be there tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6.

@RussSharek I'm here to watch russ get kicked in the groin, calmly lower said groin-kicker to the ground, and then have a measured discussion on how they can work together to prevent future groin-kickings

@RussSharek in case anyone thinks that sign is a joke russ threw together to go along with my post, it's not. That sign has been up for months.


Time has no meaning. The sign has been there for a week or two.

Sadly, it *needed* to be there for months.

@RussSharek @montagsoup @Anarkat a video edit of the gif that makes the mario coin ding on contact and just loops through it

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