Thank you all for your encouragement and keeping me company as I .

You're insanity is a gift to my sanity, or what passes for it.

I'll be back Wednesday night for more.

@RussSharek sorry I couldn't be there. Would've loved to, but this night was a mandatory silent night :blobsad:


The nice thing about having a rhythm is that the silences can matter, and you can catch us on the next beat.

Conveniently scheduled for Wednesday.

@RussSharek X-Day is happening soon and perhaps there could be some good overlap with your work. I’ve seen Circus Apocalypse at an X-Day a few years ago.


An interesting idea, though our clowns don't appear on z**m for ethical reasons. Open to the possibility of other platforms like jitsi or prerecorded video?

@RussSharek we will find some way to overlap our circus rings in that first week of July, the last week of the existence of this planet as we understand it.

:jrbd: 🤡

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