@RussSharek i would love to have one too... i think it wld the perfect service for me! 🤡 👍

@RussSharek Found it, they don't seem to provide stickers however.


I guess you could ask them or make your own...


I found that as well. I've seen evidence that it exists on stickers, and was hoping to save myself the trouble of making it myself if it already existed out there.

@RussSharek Looks like it may have been a sticker at this year's CCC.


I'm on the verge of putting out a bounty for one. :)

@RussSharek I've boosted it here. I know multiple folks here on bsd.network attended this year. So that should increase your odds. :flan_guns:


Thank you! As a clown that didn't get to attend, I'd love the souvenir as much as the joke.

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