Working on a section for about free open alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Any suggestions to add to this list?

After Effects -> @Blender

Audition -> Audacity

Illustrator -> @krita

Photoshop -> @GIMP

Premiere -> ?

...good free open NLE video editors to replace Premiere would be especially welcome.


@switchingsocial @Blender @Krita @GIMP

I'd include inkscape as a vector illustrator tool. It's excellent, and in my mind is more of a replacement than krita which is, as I understand it, a raster-based drawing tool.


Oh yes, don't know how I forgot that, they're even on here at @inkscape !

@RussSharek @switchingsocial @Blender @krita @GIMP I agree with Russ Sharek. I use #kdenlive as video editor. I don't know if will be enough for you...

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