I've been using on for plain text and markdown editing. The developer keeps making lovely little additions that make it a useful tool without breaking anything.

It's a terrific example of an app that quietly gets better at doing a relatively unpopular yet critical task.

I was using IA Writer before I switched to using as many apps as I could. No regrets.

@RussSharek Only thing I'm missing on this app is full text search. Otherwise great app!


Agreed. I keep all of my notes in plaintext and use this on mobile for editing. Syncthing to copy to my desktop, where I have better search tools.

Markor can search filenames quickly, and I keep most recently edited documents at the top of the list. It gets me close.

I love the simplicity of the 'share to linkbox' option, which copies URLs into a text file. This cleaned up my to do list and got me away from pocket.


Last night I was editing a list of status games from Impro in the car, and giggling how slick my little Luddite system had become.

yes, i'm a fan of marktor too

still running google release of android 9 though- need to reimage my phone with lineageOS (limiting google as much as possible) hopefully before the new year


i used to run lineage, then my old phone broke (oneplus one (irrepairably))

i tried the install on a used pixel i bought and just bricked it. so i went back to stock google android just to get it to work

i have an idea of what i did wrong, and will try again. i mean android is google anyway, but lineage is better and less of the tech overlord vibe


@RussSharek I use #orgzly it is wonderful :) Uses org mode format which is like markdown but with more features


I've read about org mode and it sounds amazing, if a bit more than what I need at the moment.

Plus, I took a look at emacs and it made my head hurt. :)


Good! It's important to find tools that make you happy.

@RussSharek I also observe the rapid progress of free software on android. I am more happy when I see they are published mostly with GPL license which can guaranty their effort will only serve software freedom.


Agreed, though I much prefer the idea of moving to an entirely free operating system in time.

Kind of reminds me of how I left windows way back when. First the apps, then the platform.

@RussSharek Sure. That is the aim. The ultimate is to run free software on free hardware

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