Things I still love about the internet, despite all the things wrong with it these days:

The ability to bring culture from all over the world into my life.

Today's small example is radio streams from far away places. It's making me incredibly happy to hear unfamiliar sounds and rhythms in my living room.


The Internet honestly isn't worse than what it was. It's democratized and that's not a bad thing.


Depends where you look. Mind you, I strive to be optimistic too.


I'm not really optimistic. People have always been people and whenever there's an agenda, there should be suspicion.

But I'm an easy-going pessimist. 🙂

@RussSharek @kemonine If you like music from far corners of the World mostly overlooked by mainstream trends, check out:

@RussSharek is my favourite place for that, don’t know if it’s the one you’re using but i love it


Thanks for the tip. New one for me. I'll check it out!


That's a really neat way to discover music stations. I only wish they exposed the stream URLs so I could bookmark them directly in my music player.

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