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Found myself speaking with the parent of a small child I was amusing* at a restaurant:

"Are you an actor?"
"A comedian?"
"Not exactly. Why do you ask?"
"Well, you're very animated..."
"And yet, you didn't ask if I was a cartoon."

*OK, truth be told, we were amusing each other.

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I love getting to connect with some of the performing clowns, variety artists, and theater makers I've discovered in the fediverse. All of these disciplines ultimately seek freedom and truth, so it feels like a good fit.

I feel confident that I'm not the only one here who will get a chuckle out of this one

"Do you have something to hide?" is a manipulative rebuke to those that use #encryption.

It would help us all turn this conversation around. Because, the answer is: YES, we do have something to hide.

Things that we should hide, and must question why a government or business NEEDS access to:

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...


"The Book of Endless History is a deep dream of sorts — an infinite encyclopedia produced by an AI trained on the collective works of Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino. It is an experiment in narrative generation and machine learning."

Fencing robots are adorable, and I really enjoy the methods they use to get back up after a fall.

“The vast majority of our poems are out there, floating with some unknown recipient, tens of thousands of scraps of paper, untraceable floes of words drifting around the world.”

— from Typewriter Rodeo (Real People, Real Stories, Custom Poems) by Jodi Egerton, David Fruchter, Kari Ann Holt and Sean Petrie, page 17


My favorite cartoon to post after someone online replies that they don't like the thing I like. Feel free to use this.


Once I get a crazy idea into my head, it tends to lead me by the nose until I've explored it.

Kevin, you were mentioning doing puppets with your sixth grade class.
Russ, I thought you, too, might be interested in the idea.

What about working up a set of heads to be used with cloth hand puppets?

This example is my first thought.

I'm printing a test piece right now.

A sewn cloth puppet body would tie at the neck.

I found out there is a meetup being planned in at the same time I'm teaching at a theater festival.

Rats. :(

However, I'm thinking about encouraging friends to attend. Does anyone have direct contact info for the people wrangling the meetup?

Here's the thread in progress:

I'm not a redditor, nor are my friends. Anyone able to help me make contact with these wonderful folks?

I'd love to see if they'll still be around in the evening, too.

All of my EPs and Albums are now available to download free of charge / pay what you want from #Bandcamp - including my "Retrospective" album of earlier work with 50+ tracks.

Bragging on my own projects. 

new circus apparatus, mention of minor injuries 

Urgent Need for Qualified Tabletop Role-Playing Game Masters for At-risk Youth 


Toki Pona complete

All words used in the Toki Pona language are included. An English translation is provided for all words.

#TokiPona #mention #anno2016

Where I use my improv skills the most: last minute rewrites of my workshop descriptions to accommodate changes to venue layout.

best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

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