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No matter where you are, there's always weird people:

I just drank a coffee in the middle of nowhere in a place that appeared to be the only stronghold of open minded and alternative people in the area.

Considering the state of the country politically and socially, that's no small feat.

So happy I don't have to be normal on this trip.

Back on the road...

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Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp launches the Signal Foundation together with Moxie and says "As more and more of our lives happen online, data protection and privacy are critical."

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@nightpool This quote nails it:
"The worst part is that as an artist, it feels like your own fault. We’re used to a world where if you put something out there that’s good, people see it and share it. But that’s just not true in this world. Someone can make something really good, and just because of some weird algorithmic reasons, or if it’s not designed specifically for Facebook, it doesn’t do well. And then it becomes impossible to know what a good thing to make is anymore. "

Does every state have a giant tchotchke filled mega gas station named after a small rodent like mammal, or is it just Texas?

Does every state have a giant tchotchke filled mega gas station named after a small rodent like mammal, or is it just Texas?

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kalama pi jan Sonja

Actual Fluency Podcast

AFP 20 – Sonja Lang: Toki Pona, Conlanging and the meaning of life
Kris Broholm | July 18, 2014


Tout dire avec 120 mots
Sylvain Lumbroso - 27/06/2017


#TokiPona #podcasts #kalama #jan_Sonja #sona

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never let IP law hinder collaboration

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2030 saddest country song:

* deep-learning powered wife, dog, and self-driving truck left him (independently)
* locked out of his smart house and it doesn't recognise his voice
* lost his job in the second great depression
* all booze is now synthetic and tastes bad
* Amazon is down and he can't get groceries
* Alexa, Google, nor Siri will acknowledge him
* Uber went bust and now he can't get his self-driving truck out of impound
* every time he uses honky-tonk he gets laughed at

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Hugin and Munin fly to Asgard, carrying the tidings of the world of humans to Odin.
"Only the good news," says he, "I heard the bad before."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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There’s a new menu item in the Facebook app labeled “Protect.” Clicking it will prompt you to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service called Onavo. Unsurprisingly, it's not a VPN: it's corporate spyware.
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@Lexialex Yeah, of course. This is a long-term thing (I genuinely believe Mastodon will outlive Twitters and Facebooks) but 55k followers don't arrive overnight and I understand that.

Although, people report way higher engagements here. Numbers might be smaller but percentages higher. So I wouldn't discount the importance of this short-term either 🤔

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They call it Jazz Popcorn. Kids try it at parties, next thing they know they're at Penn Station gettin' paid to do tai chi with raw hamburger patties.

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it's 2018 and I heard someone yesterday say "if you need to contact me please just use IRC and definitely not facebook"

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I am a node of syndicated libremusicians, fed up with the ways of the industry. Basically a platform operating with FOSS to the possible extend, to produce release promote & distribute music & their respective authors. I believe in music and in you. I don't believe in a fair *music-market* without a fair *market*.

Generally Sethy Bwoy is doing the copy on this account, a friendly humanoid who's @ isn't important for this

TL;DR I'm here 2 boost U

Time to pack for teaching adventures. Starting tomorrow I'll be posting from the road.

Perhaps I'll have something to talk about other than made up languages. :)

Got an hour to kill? Here's an excellent talk on from Polyglot Gathering in 2014: