Someone open-sourced their previously commercial wavetable synth. It was suggested by the guy who made Serum in a thread. If you want something like Serum that runs natively on Linux, this might be a good starting point for development.

Netflix now "personalises" artwork based on individuals' data:

This is hypertargeted advertising: different people see different info about same film, most get misled about its nature.

Same thing is now happening with political advertising:

Same candidates, but different individuals see totally different information about them. Most get misled about candidate's nature.

With a film you can stop watching when you find out truth, but after an election it's too late.

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Effectively, fashion is argot. Argot, a French term, means a secret language used by groups to prevent outsiders from understand their conversations.

Queer iconography is argot. Polari was argot. Any slang that makes you go "I don't understand this" is argot.

Argot is important. Argot is how historically marginalized groups take power back for themselves. You can't have what you don't understand.

i usually write songs but right now my heart is broken and i am lost for words. So I made a lofi instrumental album on my phone to make me feel better. it did make me feel better.

it is free/pay what you want.

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HEY! Check out a shared social UNIX club by @dirtycommo and @Phreaker (me).

One of the purposes of our ~tilde is to enable better communication between those interested in #homebrew and #retrocomputing but we like everything you like.

Actually is hosted on a very small server and we provide these services:
* a small amount of web hosting
* local #irc
* local e-mail
* #bash terminal #games
* a Multi User Dungeon
* #HTML-converted books
* #books #torrents

The Key Principles of the IndieWeb.

— Own your data, content, metadata and your identity.
— Publish data for humans first, machines second.
— Scratch Your Own Itches. Make tools, templates, etc. for yourself first.
— Use what you make!
— Document your stuff.
— Open source your stuff!
— UX and design is more important than protocols, formats, and data models.
— Build platform agnostic platforms.
— Longevity. Build for the long web.
— Plurality.
— Have fun.

Looking to add another #podcast to my feed, anyone have any #suggestions? Open to pretty much anything, currently listening to a lot of tech podcasts and am open to more of them, but could also use some variety in my feed lol

George Orwell’s 6 Timeless Rules for Writing Clear and Tight Prose

Early in my life, I stumbled across the idea of a Minimum Viable Product.

I don't remember if I read the term first, or if I embraced it before I knew what it was called. It was long enough ago now that it doesn't really matter. the concept has been with me my whole adult life, and for a while before that.

It is a good idea. A powerful concept.

It's the concept that the DIY/Punk aesthetic was built around (if not the philosophy)

MVP = Good Enough = the fastest way to get better

In a parallel universe where Ubuntu hadn't provided the "install alongside Windows" option (which it did about 10 years ago), I'd be writing enterprise Java on a Windows 10 machine, blissfully unaware of the existence of free software and believing that privacy is dead if Mark Zuckerberg says so.


Dear #purists and #absolutists,

It's great to be clean and pure yourself, but sometimes you have step into the mud to pull out others who are stuck in it.

#windows #ubuntu #privacy #freesoftware

You can, in your basement or bedroom, make something that looks as good or better than any low budget offering from the 80s or 90s.

You can record an album or an audio drama that sounds Good Enough with little more than a laptop, and if you decide to get fancy, that's easy too.

The Mountain Goats recorded like 4 albums on a boombox. Dozens of artists throughout the 80s recorded albums on 4 track cassette recorders (Springsteen's Nebraska, for example.)

After one of our favorite Indian restaurants (in a Krishna Temple) closed for the night, a new friends entered the dining room.

The most important language you will EVER learn | Poet Ali | TEDxOrangeCoast


Some absolutely brilliant spoken word about spoken words.

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