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so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

Now you can transform your tag timelines into media timelines.
Just long press the tab.

By default NSFW media are removed, but you can enable them independently for each timeline.

Also, NSFW media are removed from the mastoart timeline but you can enable them again with a long press.

#Mastalab (1.41.1)

Machine Unlearning could be interesting. Imagine training Neural Networks to periodically forget certain elements in their training data, forcing them to adjust and produce new outputs based on this variation?

What if we put The Grim Reaper's head on top of Duke Nukem's body! Show more

Lots of things in the sky for 2019 - eclipses, meteor showers, etc Show more

Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox.

Sudhamsh Kandukuri and I presented yesterday at XConf India 2018.

An inspiring story of a grassroots movement where people rejected Facebook's Free Basics and installed low-cost community Wi-Fi networks instead.
A FreedomBox on the network provides most of the essential digital services required, offline.


Video recording: coming soon!

#FreedomBox #Swecha #FSMI #XConfIndia #ThoughtWorks


Hello, everybody.

I study medieval history, with a focus on law in early medieval Wales. I'm looking to work in documentary making, historical consultancy, and/or museum jobs. But really, I just want to write books.

I'm also an amateur classical singer with a love of the natural sciences, walking, philosophy, heraldry, and cats.


... you dig it...

The Internet Gopher Club Underground Syndicate -
an Internationally Marginalized Subsidiary of the @SDF Public Access UNIX System


*eyes the meat*

Well, I may still be low on endurance, but at least I can grind hill drills like... like... someone who doesn't understand consequences.

How about this thing: record a sound you think is cool (wav format), upload it somewhere, and send me a link. I'll turn some of them into Serum wavetables and make a tiny little melody from them.

Boost this and share the fun.

Never underestimate the impact of treating someone like a human being. In a society as bigoted as ours, it's some futuristic shit.

I feel bad for the word avatar. It has gone from meaning β€œliving incarnation of a god” to β€œteeny square of pixels representing some rando.”

Scheduling shenanigans had me off of my training routine last night, so I headed over to a local venue to see a musician friend perform.

I ended up running into a half dozen friends I hadn't seen in years, and had a lovely time listening to some excellent blues music.

More than anything, it was good to be reminded that, on occasion, people are happy to see me when I'm not performing with or for them.

It’s !! attac!

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 / ̄|γ€€γ€€ |γ€€ \__)
γ€€| ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_) :twitter:

Facebook files for ill-timed patent for feature that knows where you're going before you do. This is probably not what you signed up for when you joined Facebook.


For the holidays, you could say thank you to some of the people who write free software you use, especially software that isn't hugely popular.

Those of us who write little-known software may go for months without hearing from a user, and it can be a little de-motivating.

Hearing from someone who actually uses one's software gives an energising jolt that can carry one through several weeks of darkness and cold and wet.

Texas Linux Fest has official dates (May 31-Jun 1) and the CFP is open until the end of February!

Put it on your calendar. Submit your papers. Ask me questions. In which ever order you choose.


#texas #linux #conference #community #run

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