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Found myself speaking with the parent of a small child I was amusing* at a restaurant:

"Are you an actor?"
"A comedian?"
"Not exactly. Why do you ask?"
"Well, you're very animated..."
"And yet, you didn't ask if I was a cartoon."

*OK, truth be told, we were amusing each other.

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I love getting to connect with some of the performing clowns, variety artists, and theater makers I've discovered in the fediverse. All of these disciplines ultimately seek freedom and truth, so it feels like a good fit.

My Pinephone shipped yesterday, and I'll be doing an unboxing and review up on my Patreon:

I have an awesome friend at Code for America, a non-profit based in SF (with some remote positions) that helps government better serve its people. They're working currently in safety net services, criminal justice reform, and easing the EITC participation gap.

They're also currently hiring for security engineers:


Oh, and the pay is quite nice! Apply online, or ping me if you'd like to connect with my friend. Please boost! #infosec #jobs

Does anyone have a conversion tool or howto for Google's hangouts json exports that don't require me to upload my private conversations to someone else's server?

We seek alternatives for unethical, black-box, proprietary software and online platforms. Someone in our free software forum, asked whether there is an alternative for a platform like Dubsmash / Musically which went viral last year.

I was personally not in favour of writing an FOSS alternative for every X,Y,Z primarily because I don't see them as an alternative. For me alternative means not to be the replacement of something in place of the other thing. For the alternative means, alternative in it's fundamental sense.

A FOSS alternative that mimics all behaviours of a toxic proprietary software is not an alternative at all. It's just alternative in technical sense and not an alternative in it's behavioural sense. These toxic behaviours are called anti-features.

An FOSS alternative should not overwhelm us, should help us use less with more focus and less time consuming thus not stealing our attention, should not promote the Fear of Missing Out. If a FOSS application or platform has anti-features, it is not an heathy alternative.

If Fediverse overwhelm us with infinite information feed, seeks our attention often, then that's not an healthy alternative. The apps and their interfaces shapes our behaviour.

To practice Digital #Minimalism means to know what to use, when to use and why to use.

@estoricru Windows 95 used 30 MB of storage.

Gboard (the Android keyboard) uses 5 times that much on its own.

Think about that: an on-screen keyboard 5 times the size of a whole operating system.

Probably the most useful tool I've ever learned to tackle a structural group problem is to brainstorm all the things that could be done and then organize them in 'low effort / high effort', 'low impact / high impact'.

Then do the 'high impact / low effort' things first, followed by 'low impact / low effort'.
Use the energy and momentum from those small successes for the 'high impact / high effort' things and just skip the 'low impact high effort' pitfalls.

example in next post


Giving up a year of uptime because you figure you might as well get it over with and update the server before life gets too busy.

I urge other artists to back up their data not just on a blog or on mastodon, but to keep a damn good file/drive/physical of it that you know will not leave you if something goes wrong. Do the best you can to protect your work and your creations so that you can share it and work on it in the future. It's so important. I love u, keep at it, im so proud of you

course codes overlap constantly. all first years either are very confused, or learn to read the serifs and paracolors that accompany the codes. learning these reveals new messages in syllabi and lecture notes. the bookstore sells sets of pens that write in paracolors. when questioned, most profs won't realize that they've written things in these colors, it's become second nature to them. in the outside world, you can see these codes too, though no one will own up to writing them.


there are actually a huge number of boomers who exclusively go by chosen names (Junior, Bubba, Doc, etc) and iʼve definitely heard stories of them getting frustrated by not being able to use those names in official circumstances. humans have been changing their names and going by nicks & epithets for the entirety of chronicled human history; going by Your Legal Name In All Circumstances is largely a Gen Xer thing.

when you see organizations accepting chosen names over legal names, donʼt think of it as a change in social norms. itʼs more just a cultural remembering that bureaucracy doesnʼt define who we are. draw power from that history.

I fell into a rabbit hole of a book over the weekend, and I can't recommend it enough to people interested in type design and online publishing.

The website is an absolutely gorgeous read too.

Good morning wonderful people!

A quote form #aikido founder
Morihei Ueshiba:

“We can no longer rely on the external teachings of Buddha, Confucius, or Christ. The era of organized religion controlling every aspect of life is over. No single religion has all the answers. Construction of shrine and temple buildings is not enough. Establish yourself as a living buddha image. We all should be transformed into goddesses of compassion or victorious buddhas.”
― Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

So go and try to be a living buddha and spread compassion. The world needs this.

Yours truly,


(in need of :coffee_semiotic_standard:)
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