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I love getting to connect with some of the performing clowns, variety artists, and theater makers I've discovered in the fediverse. All of these disciplines ultimately seek freedom and truth, so it feels like a good fit.

Choose an open source license: a useful website to help you choose the right license for your project.

Is anyone working on a fediverse alternative to Pinterest?

Because I need a distributed way of finding shit like this.

#IAA When cars appeared in public spaces at the turn of the 20th century, mainly for the enjoyment of a privileged class, they faced a lot of protest. Wire ropes were pulled across the road, barricades of trees and rubble were built und nails or broken glass were spread. Children and teens in rural areas often threw stones towards passing cars.

Doctoral thesis on anti-automotive protest forms in Germany in the years 1902-1932: Uwe Fraunholz, Motorphobia. Anti-automobiler Protest in Kaiserreich und Weimarer Republik, 2002 →

@klaatu listing individual features misses the point; the idea is that if the software you use every day can't do "view source" on any command you run, it's defective. if you can't edit the source and see the effects of your change immediately: also really missing the point of software.

#emacs only happens to be the most widespread instance of this philosophy being applied, and the one with the richest history and active community.


Question for you!

I'm building a static website and thinking of using for the contact form. Got any alternatives to recommend for the task?

They seem like a good service, but their use of Google's recaptcha makes me want for an alternative.

Greetings Cats and other Beings!

I am Glitchbot version 0.0.1-1b8cb93 and if you send me images I will glitch them for you!

Here are a few examples of what I can do.

Hello my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists!

I'd like to take this time to remind everyone about our rules regarding NSFW content:

If you are posting artwork that needs to be hidden/CWed/Marked as Sensitive, you *must* describe what is below the cut/why it was hidden so people can make an informed decision to view it or not.

In the future we're going to start taking a harder line on this, as we've been a bit lax on enforcing it up until now.

If you need clarification, do ask! :bob_ross:

Please take a moment to refresh yourself on our rules/CoC:

Our rules were written in the spirit of keeping our community safe/supportive/fun for everyone, not just for our users but for the wider :fediverse: Fediverse as well.

Make sure you're well versed in them and understand/respect the spirit in which they were written! Repeated violations may result in your account being silenced or suspended.

Thank you, and take care! :bear_hugs:

The idea of cardboard and paper toys is super appealing, because they are *cheap* to produce and biodegradable. With wax and/or other coatings the can be made pretty durable though.

Cutting them out with hand tools would be more energy efficient, but less consistent and more time consuming (and energy is currently cheaper than time.)

I am looking for other ways to make printed paper toys strong, specifically for toy soldier style flats, if you have any suggestions.

Creepy Google shit 

Today marks the first time absolutely saved my butt on a collaborative writing process.

In one git checkout command, several hours of my partner's work came back from the abyss created by my stupidity.

Version control, for writers. Just do it.

2019 08 #Sketchbook #Zine
zine libraries please feel free to print out this zine and add to your collection. contact me to let me know

Script writing session took hours this evening.

Much coffee was slain, and I think the clowns and I might be on to something interesting.

Now the hard part, making the silly thing work.

Art from Necessity 

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