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Found myself speaking with the parent of a small child I was amusing* at a restaurant:

"Are you an actor?"
"A comedian?"
"Not exactly. Why do you ask?"
"Well, you're very animated..."
"And yet, you didn't ask if I was a cartoon."

*OK, truth be told, we were amusing each other.

Hearing tech, guide to getting started, illustrated comic 

I drew up a basic comic guide to getting started with the tympan audio processor as an assistive device. Plan to spend around $350+ including mounting stuff and headphones.

Apologies for the lack of full transcriptions, I'm kinda tired. Please let me know if you need them for personal use, though, and I can type them up for ya.

IIRC the fundamento of Esperanto was also published 20 years after its first diffusion ... just like ku for TP

the difference is it was rather the grammar, ku is rather the vocabulary aspect

#TokiPona #ku // #fundamento #Esperanto #Epelanto #anno2021

“The normal is that which nobody quite is. If you listen to seemingly dull people very closely, you'll see that they're all mad in different and interesting ways, and are merely struggling to hide it.”
― Robert Anton Wilson, Masks of the Illuminati

Only one hour till the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!
Join us as the clowns get some caffeine to power an evening of shenanigans at #circusInPlace !

A lovely song and video about finding your special clown(ness).

Timely because... tonight some of my best friends are going to throw things at each other, spit water, balance on each other's feet, and chat.

Don't worry - they're professionals.

Tonight's festivities start at 7, US Central , better known as UTC-5.

The Emperor Norton Coffee Hour returns to kick off tonight's video chat.

Join us for a cup of whatever suits your fancy starting at 7pm UTC-5, and stick around to watch clowns practice the sorts of gravity defying things that make you say "wow!"

From the course I'm taking:

16. Is the sun warm?
Jes, la suno estas tre varma.
Ankaŭ...La suno estas maso de inkandeska gaso...

I apparently have reached the "pop culture references" stage of learning.

If you're in the #Houston area, the Houston Computer Museum is liquidating its entire collection, mostly pre-2000 machines: Selected images of available items attached. #retrocomputing

Any #BSD devs in Texas looking for new work? Had a meeting today that makes me think we're going to need at least one more person familiar with working on any #BSD, but #FreeBSD in particular.

Also could use someone comfortable with Makefiles, networking, and shell scripts to help with CI and some releng/devops-type work.

Remote positions possible, but it's preferred that you're able to come into the office.

Boosts welcome, let me know if you think it'd be fun and you can join in! 1/2

#cooking game idea:

everybody writes a recipe using #tokiPona, then tries to follow along with the recipes that others wrote, and posts the results

(could theoretically be written in some other "limited" conlang/writing system/etc, but a lot of people on here seem to appreciate toki pona)

Imaginary studies have shown that clowns are happier when exposed to friendship and conversation.

We call this experiment , and we invite you to avoid the doldrums of being in the placebo group by dropping by anytime starting at 8pm UTC-5.

In 2 hours the clowns, sometimes labled "hack-ro-bats", will open up their training space (living room) to host #circusInPlace ! If you would like to hang out with clowns, hackers, and other weirdos from the fediverse, come join us!

Nine out of ten imaginary scientists agree that hanging out with clowns while they train acrobatics is good for your mental health. Join the conversation at , and keep those imaginary scientists happy!

The fun starts tonight at 8pm UTC-5:

Congratulations, Silicon Valley, you fucked up the web so bad folks are turning to PDFs.

Take a fucking bow.


"Computing in the 2020s is (still) a user-hostile shifting sand land1. We are drowning in churn and noise. I am fighting back by switching this website from HTML to PDF. … PDF has many shortcomings. But … it stands in opposition to the mercenary, dynamic web … PDFs are self-contained and offlineable – you can archive them and be confident they will remain stable and readable in the future, with no external dependencies to manage."

Wait why no one has made surf rock/sea shanties fusion before

I think I realised an unconscious perception I had of exercise / working out that was wrong, and based on ambient absorption of my surrounding culture.

I was thinking it was about growth, and so was continually trying to progress - more weight / reps / steps / minutes etc. I would inevitably burn out or get hurt.

But growth is the wrong paradigm. Stability and sustainability is the right paradigm. Not “How can I do more today?”, but “What can I do every day?”.

Perma-exercise 😀

Today, my anki deck informed me that "ĵeti" is the infinitive form of the verb that means 'to throw'.

I'm taking a perverse delight in how close that is to 'yeet'...

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