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Found myself speaking with the parent of a small child I was amusing* at a restaurant:

"Are you an actor?"
"A comedian?"
"Not exactly. Why do you ask?"
"Well, you're very animated..."
"And yet, you didn't ask if I was a cartoon."

*OK, truth be told, we were amusing each other.

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I love getting to connect with some of the performing clowns, variety artists, and theater makers I've discovered in the fediverse. All of these disciplines ultimately seek freedom and truth, so it feels like a good fit.

A bit of a workout and a bit of arts and crafts with friends. continues to be one of the most interesting places I've hung out.

We'll return this Friday for more!

Here's how it works on sourcehut:

You pay us the subscription fee of your choice and you get access to our services. We spend it on maintaining and upgrading the hardware, and paying for staff to handle development, operations, support, and on-call.

Because we don't take money from investors, we're only accountable to users, and if we aren't working in your interests, we lose our revenue. We are incentivized to work for you, not to generate a return.

Because we're running 100% free software, we're held accountable because anyone can take our shit and run it on their own servers, or even bootstrap a competing company using our own software. We've made it easy to run out out of business if we lose your trust.

Yoga has been so incredibly positive for me and I’m only a week and a half in. Where life tells you to be small, hunch over, stay quiet, you’re not good enough, Yoga tells you to stand up tall, take up space, be proud of yourself, there is no “good” or “bad” just “practice”

@RussSharek @librelounge As a producer I'm looking for two very specific things:

1. I'm looking for someone who has done something difficult. This doesn't have to be technical, it can be art, but they have to have created something.

2. I'm looking for someone who can explore the thing they're doing by contextualizing it, or by going very deep into it.

We've had some amazing guests that fit this criteria, and those are the best shows. They're also the hardest shows to make.

uspol +, polyamory 

The city council of Somerville, MA just voted unanimously to remove the limit of two people in a domestic partnership, effectively providing legal recognition to polyamorous relationships.

via @Stronae

"I also got a bad taste in my mouth from Twitter supporting kinds of speech that I don't particularly agree with, and I began to feel like putting my toys and art there was just adding value to the network. For a while I felt that the tradeoff was that the art I published there still enriched my life and the lives of my friends. At some point, though, I started to feel like the balance got out of whack, and I could do more good by putting my work on alternate networks and giving people a reason to get off Twitter. "

All cultural producers with some degree of audience and influence should really think about this: what structures do I validate by my presence? What and whose structures do I reinforce? What other places can I advantage?

@darius in

Currently pouring coffee into myself with an eye on being at full power by this evening in order to enjoy our video chat.

Come pop in and say hello!

8pm UTC-5 until we drop.

Hey fedi, I could use some #suggestions. I've been using #youtube videos on educational topics and fun how-to project videos as inspiration to get myself into gear and do work. But I'm outpacing the people I've been watching, and I'm running out of videos. Who do you like to watch for #inspiration ? I'm particularly interested in anyone putting content on #peertube but I'm ok with watching on either platform.

I just rediscovered the simple joy of a rambling phone conversation with a good friend while staring at the ceiling.

Artists don’t own poses, they don’t own composition, they don’t own pallets

I’m really sick of this controlling mentality. Intellectual property is harmful idea that stifles creativity and you’re not going to get less commissions because someone else used a pose you drew once

Thank you all for your encouragement and keeping me company as I .

You're insanity is a gift to my sanity, or what passes for it.

I'll be back Wednesday night for more.

infosec, privacy, tiktok 

TikTok has been reverse engineered, and found to be surveilling its users extensively, collecting data including clipboard contents, phone hardware, other installed apps, GPS data, and whether or not the phone is jailbroken.

All of this is hidden behind extensive obfuscation, and is remotely configurable.

video chat is tonight at 8pm UTC-5. Come say hello as my friends and I train our skills while chatting with wonderful weirdos from all over the internet.

We are also insomniacs, so feel free to join late. :)

Standing in my bathroom, wearing false teeth and singing happy birthday at full volume into an empty cabinet.

For reasons. reasons.

If you are using a particular software for your daily life, do a little research on the company.

If they are backed by venture capital or their goal is financial dominance, they might be a candidate to sell their company to the highest bidder - and your data right along with it.

Your information could be pushed into the hands of #tech giants overnight.

We can’t tell the future, but we can try to mitigate our risks by choosing #ethical companies and #opensource tools when possible.

I am pretty sure that tonight's was the biggest we've had so far. So many fun people taking a break from the world to be silly together.

Good, and much needed stuff.

I'll be back for more on Monday. <3

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