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Found myself speaking with the parent of a small child I was amusing* at a restaurant:

"Are you an actor?"
"A comedian?"
"Not exactly. Why do you ask?"
"Well, you're very animated..."
"And yet, you didn't ask if I was a cartoon."

*OK, truth be told, we were amusing each other.

One of the fun side effects of our silly sticker project is getting to explain to a lot of people.

It's reminding me how much I enjoy the language.

Started texting with an old performing friend. Now being given a treatise on snake temperament versus human personalities by someone who has performed with both.

One was described as "a loose cannon but visually stunning"

Out of equal measures of respect and whimsy, I will not reveal whether they were describing a mammal or a reptile.

2 factor auth question 

This week I encountered a site where the SMS version of 2-factor authorization stopped working when I switched phone carriers. common do we suppose this is? I've never thought about changing that setting.

Come join us and recover from whatever you did yesterday :)
The Emperor Norton Coffee Hour begins in 60 minutes!
#circusInPlace starts 60 minutes afer that!
Who knows what will happen at that point!
Clowns and shenanigans at

I have always liked jazz, but I owe any deeper knowledge of the genre to the excellent musical tastes of @naugeleh

Today, my house is filled with Charlie Parker, and I'm loving it.

A gay icon.

Who didn't come out until he was 40 which is, as we all know, when life begins.


The loss of Stephen Sondheim is a gutting and immeasurable loss. I’m at a loss. He made musicals that made us feel.


The humans had proven more adaptable than expected.

Each challenge flung their way merely delayed their advancement; somehow they just kept... persisting.

They were watched with sporadic interest by a highly advanced audience.

"Oh I think they've finally figured out iron, properly this time!"

"But have they figured out mercury yet?"

"They've expanded their use of it..."

"Oh good."

"They ingest it now too."

"Damn it, I've lost a bet."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi

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Join us for tonight's Emperor Norton Coffee hpurs, in the video chat.

Fun, conversation, warm beverages, and acrobatics to follow. Things kick off at 7pm UTC-6, and run into the wee hours.

Or, since it's a lot of fun, the wheee! hours. :)

Food holiday silliness 

Before our meal, we all did butt shimmies because it was a day for a bun dance.

Looking forward to seeing friends at tonight's #circusInPlace !
We'll be starting in 2 hours :)
see you there!

There is an inverse relationship between imagination and money.
-- Alan Moore

#anarchism #quote #bot

I just heard an old friend might be joining us for tonight! I'm excited, despite them knowing too many stories from my early performing days. :)

Hang out with with old friends and new in the video chat tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6, with clown shenanigans running into the wee hours:

New York-based theater makers of any discipline who are interested in using their artistry for social change. 14 week participatory course is a partnership between Broadway Advocacy Coalition and Columbia Law School.
January 24th - April 25th, 2022 on Monday evenings from 6:15-8:15 pm EST. The course will be held in person. Participants will be compensated for their participation in the course.

Applications December 3. Final decisions will be made by December 17, 2021.

What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering? 

What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering?

One time, a film maker called me up because she wanted to use a hubub of voices as a music statement but it wasn't coming off. I listened to the audio and knew just the thing! A resonant 70s style low pass filter would keep the timbres but jettison the words. I ran her vocal recording through my synthesiser and proudly returned with the improved audio.

She listened. "This does sound a lot better," she said, "but you've completely prioritised the men's voices and removed the women."

Cis normativity aside, she was right. My process had made altos much softer and pretty much nuked sopranos. I had to go back and organise each audio sample by vocal range and run the filter multiple times. It was time consuming, but the result was much nicer.

She noticed this because she knew what it was to be silenced according to vocal range - something that has gradually faded from my mind as its no longer a regular occurrence for me. If I'd been working with a fellow tenor or a bass, we might never have noticed. The audio would have been worse and the while project subtly effected by unconscious bias.

Instead, when the film was released, a reviewer praised the sound in that section.

Unconscious bias isn't just unfair, it makes *your* work worse.

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An unplanned nap on a nocturnal schedule feels like an unexpected bout of normalcy.

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