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Draft: How to become a successful artist on Mastodon ๐Ÿ‘€

Do you think I included sane advice? Anything important I missed? Some other toots I should embed?

On the bright side, this sore throat means I have a whole new range of silly croaky character voices to try out.

Alright, time for day three of this nonsense.

Today's exciting complication is that I seemed to have lost my voice. Hoping it comes back long enough to do the job, which of is a speaking part.

Time to drink all the tea.

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This is the real threat of the loss of net neutrality: you'll only be *allowed* to access things that your ISP likes. Filter bubbles are bad enough now, but they're going to get a *lot* worse, and not even based on your desires.

Russ Sharek boosted's IP has changed from to DNS will update shortly. Always use to connect to SDF. .15 is still live, but if you have no route to it, then it is up to you to call your ISP and request access to it. We're moving on from this.

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Having trouble connecting to SDF.ORG? Call your ISP and tell them you support NET neutrality and will close your account if they do not unblock access to

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Apparently some ISPs decided @SDF was "dark web" and blocked it. How long until @tildetown gets the same thing? Your mastodon instance? Netflix?

Survived day two of operation !

Tomorrow is my last day on this event. I expect it to be fun, though brutally hot.

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Today, I survived five hours of performing in full steampunk-ish costuming during 103 degree weather.

Whenever someone said I looked hot I thanked them. :)

Time to rehydrate for tomorrow!

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Rover detects ancient organic material on Mars โ€“ and it could be trace of past life!
- universal_sci

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#Discord re-set this flag automatically during the last update. If you don't want it scanning your computer and uploading that info to their servers, check your privacy settings.

This is awful.

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The only thing I'm truly upset hasn't been ported to GNU/Linux yet is AutoHotkey.

Automating practically anything with keystrokes is awesome.

If there's a Linux-friendly alternative I would dedicate many hours to exploring it. Alas, the closest I've come is making shell scripts and then allocating them to key combinations through my desktop's admin panel.

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Is anybody else learning #AmericanSignLanguage around here? I'm sure we have #Deaf or #HardOfHearing people who know it, but would it be super duper boring for you if there were folks on that tag with learning or practice?

(NB: I'm aware that capitalization matters with d/Deaf and HoH, but I try to make a habit of using CamelCase for hashtags, which is why they are formatted that way.)

The irony of my backup drive having failed is not lost on me.

It would appear that the magic smoke has left my backup drive.

Audibly, as in I just played a rousing game of, "Gee, what's that weird clicking noise?"

It was the technological equivalent of a death rattle.

Thankfully I have gigs this weekend to cover the cost of a new drive. Or two, because now my paranoia has me thinking I might as well refresh the entire installation.

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