what makes Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken so special is that it LOOKS like a regular Cute Girls Doing Cute Things series, complete with it being a school club, but then the actual series is 20 minutes of watching girls autistically infodump to each other about their passions

with the occasional ADHD moment (tanuki! tanuki tanuki!) as garnish

the OTHER thing that makes it special is that the school is a escher-esque nightmare hell dimension

there's no reason for it to be that way. it has no bearing on the plot or the characterization really. but yeah sure the main office is in a drained pool that has doors. it's just like that


like. the hallway is.. under the pool deck. the door cuts right into what would be the filled part of the pool. there's regular, non-pool stairs. but they kept the pool markings.

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