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Hi, I'm Runner, webcomic artist of ANTIHERO FOR HIRE and ADVENTURERS
I adore anyone who reads my work, dont be shy and comment!
Also feel free to use my characters however you see fit!

I already knew my comic had an unofficial Ryu number but it also has a fucking Vriska Number thanks to Namco High connecting the ryuverse with homestuck

nsfw art text 

me: drawing a doodle of one of my characters, about to draw mouth
brain: draw a dick
me: this isn't supposed to be a porn doodle
brain: draw a dick draw a dick

i've been spending a lot of time doing practice doodles but nothing that i can show. trying to figure out the best line style. actually thinking about not using pressure-size since my hands just arent great at keeping the pressure even

here's a line tetris block if you need something to fit in somewhere

Knuckle Tats that say LOVE HATE
But it's a cartoon character so it runs out of fingers at LOV EHA

kingdom hearts but the key is a standard kwikset house key

Dear uber eats
I cannot eat a massager
I think that I am not unusual in this respect

level 2 eye contact is when the eyelashes touch

level 3 is when the eyes touch

today, the panda is sad, back in my day the panda was big. that's what's wrong with today's internet

local man wows with his performance of bohemian rhapsody 

police are looking for an armed assailant who reports say "pulled the trigger" and of his target: "now he's dead"

I'm sorry to report the Skeleton War happened long ago. Archeologists have found the corpses of many skeletons buried deep underground

Antihero for Hire - TRAINING MONTAGE - 4 - Update

wanna talk about cancel culture

How about cancelling my membership

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is it really that hard to PRETEND to care about hate speech for just, the length of an interview? You can say "we are listening and are considering our options" or something even. you dont have to be actively transphobic *in your "apology"*

pers sexual 

i wish i was hornier more often tbh. it's fun to be horny

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