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Thanks to a new jewelry saw I got a couple days ago, I've been able to finish a couple projects!

Two wristbands, both made of anodized aluminium. The straight one is a simple "byzantine" weave, and the curving one is a more exaggerating "stepping stones" weave.

I'm really proud of how dense the "water" is in the stepping stones one, it also gives it a nice rigidity.

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After a two week vacation I am back again with more dragons!
Tried making a necklace, but the face was way bigger then I wanted. So now this guy is a cute ring. Happy little accident. :D


My parents just gave me some old wood carvings from their attic, so that I can sell them on a market early next month.

They were carved and painted by my grandpa, James, in the late 80's and mid 90's. No idea what type of wood.

Does anyone know how to best clean and treat them? Would love to give the pieces new life 💚

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Clay baby dragon, ready to be made into a necklace! It is my cutest work so far and I am extremely happy about it! 🥬

One thing I'm less satisfied with, is how they chose to deliver my package. Just poked out of the mailbox, right into the busy street. There's a post office just 20m down the street. 😂

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I also gave Yvonne Williams' "Elf Star" pendant a shot! A little floppy, but I'm very happy with the result ❤️ The green beads are held in place with a thin brass wire.

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New wire, rings and tools just arrived in the mail!

Got some bare and gold-dyed aluminium rings, much bigger than what I've worked with before! Made some European 4-in-1, Japanese 12-in-1, and a couple chains

I also got my hands on some new wire and a saw! Saw turned out to be a bit too wide for what I make, so the newly cut rings get a bit of an oval shape, but I've still managed to expand my little elephant's armor ❤️🐘🛡️

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Working on my biggest project yet. I made this owl necklace, every feather individual. It was scary but I am proud I did it :D
I don't know if I should paint it.

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I will be doing my first market stall/art booth next month, and I would like to ask for advice. I will be going with miniature clay food, but because they are SO small I don't know how to display them. (and they can get stolen easily)

Anyone got tips and tricks for a newbie?

(also what tags do I use to ask for help/questions on this website? @Curator)

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Five Moebius pride bracelets just went up, two trans solid, one trans swirly, one bi pride, and one rainbow. #maille

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Giving my handmade clay miniatures a little basket to sit in made of lollipop sticks. 🧺
It feels like playing dollhouse, and I am all in for it!
Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the picture and cutting the wood. (with his handsome strong hands 😘)

Day two of playing around with
Primarily worked to finish the Byzantine chain from yesterday, but also tried making rings of different sizes! Made a little sample in the stepping stone pattern, and I absolutely *adore* it ❤️

As @bav has suggested, I should absolutely get a saw for future projects. Then it should be a lot easier to close the rings and hide the exposed aluminum with.

Good progress in an afternoon! Really enjoying this so far, super therapeutic.
Will have to make more links tomorrow 🥰

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After waiting a week for rings I ordered, I said "screw it" and started making my own. Starting out with some European 4-in-1 and Byzantine.
Having loads of fun weaving while watching with my partner!


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