tried to make a "real" construction experience... just in the mini. painted w acrylic and waterproofed with water resistant wood glue and spray varnish.

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i built this for a person who helped me not die. it's a goodbye present. i'm leaving their country and going back to the one i was born in. so, while i won't be around to help build the human size earth dome home, i hope my enthusiasm and gratitude lives on in this little one.

some tiny white hairs and a bit of smudge on a shadow. calling it done now. 🙂

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just finished this. or is it finished? i will decide tomorrow. i am not getting any better at navigating this app, but i'm saying hello to everyone in my head. kthxbye 😘

Hi I am an acrobat and an artist. I am new on mastodon and want to connect and relate. Cheers to all creative souls! 🥰


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