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Hi! I'm Rori! and & responsible for , Tiny Pink Robots, and a couple other things ^_^
I'm RoriComics on most things, including Patreon and KoFi. I'm also Rori over on Mastodon social.
Hope to figure out what I'm doin'!

Hit me up for commissions, etc. at

I signed up for lt wasn't scary! It's affordable for my brokeass, too. Now I'm experiencing something new for me: freelance health coverage. If you're minus coverage, check it out.

Ugh, I'm up so early! And...writing...sorta. Outlining a story I've been putting down and picking up for like 15 years and maybe cracked it finally 🤔

Hi All! are extra open right now (yay, unexpected bills!) Standard waist-up couples commissions are $75, and I can add people/pets/details for a little extra.

I also draw pets, OCs, RPG characters, etc. I like to keep it to original stuff, but I'll sometimes make exceptions for reinterpretations of characters, or characters in different settings (see L&C example below) I have a general style, but can go more/less cartoony, different ink styles, etc.

Email me at to inquire :D

More from my 2016 project, days 5-8:
Anarchist, Lucy Gonzalez Parsons
Queen Regnant, Lili'uokalani
Ballerina, Maria Tallchief
Fighter, Juana Galan

So! I asked if I should post some older projects and people said 'yes', so let's start!

This is my 2016 Project I drew an historical woman everyday up to the election. Here are days 1-4:

Politician, Shirley Chisholm
Anarchist, Emma Goldman
Cartoonist, Rumiko Takahashi
Entertainer, Josephine Baker

I'll post four per-day in the future :)

We're crowdfunding the print version of Pictures of You's fifth volume right now. The first four books are available too. It's a well-told story with important themes that changes minds and has literally saved lives.

im going to bed soon but dont hesitate to ever ask me if you have any questions about the instance or how to use mastodon

The local timeline here is a little like the halcyon days of devart: beautiful mix if all different arts. I love it.

So a quick bit about what I use to create digitally:

My main babe is Clip Studio Paint. I love it so much. It's gross how much I love it. Most everything I do is "inking"-based and it excels at a lovely and crisp line quality. A+

Additionally, I invested @FRENDEN 's mega giant brush pack. It's fantastic. I pretty much recommend you just bundle that into the (low) cost of CSP.

I occasionally use Photoshop, tbh, this is more of a photo program for me due to years of Graphic Design and CSP being so good. I keep trying to get into doing some illu work with it, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Something for the folks new to Mastodon. It's generally considered polite to put politics behind a CW. It's honestly a depression and distressing topic these days.

So, should I repost some of my past projects here? (Like )
It's always weird with a new platform, like, has everyone already seen it? Do people want it here, too?

Some art of Caorthannach (Irish myth's "Mother of Demons"). I experimented a lot with this, way outside my usually art, but I like it ^_^

A lot of Indy Comics Twitter has descended upon, grinding @Gargron's image server to a halt.

If y'all decide you’re serious about this place, let me make a suggestion: if you’re part of a collective, then maybe your group should think about running an instance. If nobody in your collective is crazy enough to start one from scratch, there’s always places like, which make it pretty damn easy.

Also consider throwing a little $ into the Patreon for both whatever instance you end up on, and/or for overall Mastodon development. We don’t have VC or advertisers paying the bills, let’s keep it that way.

Oh, yeah, the name on this file is "ReyScale" because I can never pass on a pun.

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Some practice in proportions! I need to do more of these, it's based on "heads high" proportions, and it's revealing to see what changes happen along they way ^_^

Hi. Who's making right now?

I drew a weird panel but I'm not sweating it.

Sneek peek of one of the upcoming portraits 😊 Clip Studio Paint, of course.

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