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Hi Mastodon I made Pride knickknacks (now with some color)

If you want these knickknacks they are here:

Just gonna slide in at the very last second with some art that somehow features way too many birds

I tried some new fancy stuff with these and it was a lot of fun, if you need me I'll be making tiny leaves forever.

Hi I'm Rook and all I have to offer are warlocks and bad ideas

Finished! Some local flora, fauna, and foggy weather, direct from the California coast.

"I know how colors work" I tell myself as I make yet another drawing in mostly grayscale (WIP)

Hey .art how're you I updated a game I made over a year ago with art that I made slightly under a year ago and you can play it for free in your browser here:

It's a short Beauty and the Beast-inspired interactive fiction. Explore the castle. Acquire a book. Have dinner with the worst bird in the entire world.

I keep forgetting to post this monster so HERE just take it.

My group started to add little homages to Zelda characters, so here's my contribution, Wulf the shifter druid who is certainly not Twilight Princess Link. He used to herd sheep, he worked in the Feywild for a while as a servant of the Gloaming Court, and he bit a dog once.

Also I finally finished that painting of that druid character, I hated almost every minute of it, and it looks better than anything else I've ever done, stay tuned

Okay, I gotta boost the d20 bracelets one more time because if someone doesn't buy the black one soon I'm just gonna add it to my personal bracelet hoard and it'll never be seen again

They're $15 each, they ship free (as always), and they're here:

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I'm thinking of opening preorders for these pins, would you be interested in buying one?
They would be 25mm hard enamel pins, for 8€ + shipping ✨

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I'm making a trip to the post office tomorrow, so if anyone wants to grab a late night bracelet (or necklace) it'll ship first thing in the morning:

Sketchbook stuff from this weekend: mostly horses

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hint: you don't have to choose a gender someone else has. you can just say fuck it and make your own thing

Finally got a group picture of every single bracelet in the store! If something catches you eye you can get it here:

New bracelets! A more floral transgender pride symbol ($15), a great blue heron ($12), and a rain cloud ($15), all available with free shipping over on Etsy:

What's up I'm Rook and I hate painting so bad (WIP)

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