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The Tournament of Roses Parade is a tradition for me only because I'm legally obligated to watch anything that includes both plants and horses. Happy 2019

Gonna close out the year with some messy webcomic art. The comic in question (Dead Dog Hymnal) is taking a leisurely break while I figure things out post-college, which means its hero Sorrel has had plenty of time to relax.

Enjoy it while it lasts, dude.

Before you go "Rook is that a clipboard" the answer is yes, this is an extremely professional arrangement, thanks for asking.

A look at some upcoming Corvid Collection bracelets. The trans symbol came out lopsided but I made it with feeling, I guess.

I've also got a whole bunch of new stuff planned for this shop in 2019, including maybe things that aren't bracelets??? We'll see how it goes.

A more mild plant fact today, based on a true story (I had to take a pair of bolt cutters to my moth orchid's last pot).

Orchids' tree-dwelling lifestyle is also the reason they're so notoriously killable. If you so much as think about dirt in their presence, they rot.

Stay tuned for Existentially Distressing Plant Facts, a zine about horrible flora!

Friday night sketches of the the world's most self-indulgent subject: kids of OCs

Alright, last bracelet post of the week goes to this small garden of older designs hanging out in the shop. You can still grab one here if flowers or dragonflies are your thing!

New bracelets are up in the shop, including those D20s from earlier, and a brand new double-helix style! Also featured: cetaceans, the Cygnus constellation, and the Hyrulean royal crest.

Available here!

Happy holidays! Did you know mistletoe is such a good kisser that it’s lost most of its ability to respire, instead relying on the plant that it parasitizes to breathe for it?

I’m making an zine featuring this and other plant facts I wish I didn’t know, coming next month!

And in keeping with the DnD theme, get ready for new beadsss

Art that I actually drew today: dragonborn rogue Viik, back when they were a tiny lizard clinging to the skirts of their cool big sister Yanvali Durhiz.

Yanvali was an adventurer for a couple hundred years before she met Viik, and like any self-respecting adventurer, she reacted to a tiny hostile creature trying to pickpocket her by adopting them on the spot. Her amazing (and probably embellished) stories of the adventuring life inspired Viik to go on their current quest

More recent backlog stuff: I started this in October, when I could have passed it off as a fashionable werewolf for Halloween, but I finished it in November, which means it's now just damning evidence that I was a furry in 2008.

There's a speedpaint also (warning, it's kinda flashy because I am constantly compulsively zooming out):

Teeth, bones, blood, & other party essentials 

Last bracelet post of the week, and the last weekend to get free pre-Christmas shipping! There are 5 bracelets in the shop right now that are ready to be shipped tomorrow morning, so snag one here:

I’m not sure my talons really fit with the nice jewelry aesthetic here but it’s what I’ve got so it’s what I’m going with

Last weekend for free Christmas shipping if you want to get yourself a bracelet!

Some more floral pictures of this week's new art bracelets.

Available with free shipping over here! This is the last weekend I can guarantee pre-Christmas delivery:

This week's new bracelets! They're available with free shipping right about here, just in case you need a dragonfly or a stormy sea to complete your wardrobe:

Did this for , way back in ... well, May. I don't paint often enough.

And to keep the plant theme going today, here's an ivy fae portrait from that art backlog

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