Beauty and the Beast: Dramatic hand holding edition (I love tinted sketchbooks so much)

Some WIPs of a new druid who is certainly, absolutely, definitively NOT Link from Twilight Princess.

(Seriously, if you want some Very Inexpensive Jewelry, now is the time.)

Hey, it's the last day of Corvid Collection's pre-Valentine's sale! If you want stuff for the holiday, everything (except custom orders) is 15% off and will ship in time for the 14th, including this brand new owl:

In case you missed it, the first issue of EXISTENTIALLY DISTRESSING PLANT FACTS came out this week! Here's some extra preview pages of the horror that lies in store. Download available for free on itch:

Someone in Viik's group posted a "draw your character in lingerie" meme so, y'know, here you go.

Figured I'd compile some of the stuff that's in the shop right now. Everything is 15% off for Valentine's Day, custom jewelry is 25% off, and everything ships free!

Hey, there's new bracelets in the shop! Plus, everything is on sale for valentines day (15% off existing bracelets, and 25% off custom work).


The whole 16-page zine is available free of charge right over here:

In all its 16 pages of full-color, foliage-fearing glory, EXISTENTIALLY DISTRESSING PLANT FACTS Issue 1 is here:

Good morning Mastodon I hope you're ready for the first issue of EXISTENTIALLY DISTRESSING PLANT FACTS! Free 16-page full-color zine chalk full of botanical monstrosity! Out January 30th!

Corvid Collection stuff is on sale in anticipation of Valentine's Day!

Custom jewelry: 25% off, will arrive on time if purchased by Feb. 4

All other jewelry: 15% off, will arrive on time if purchased by Feb. 8

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Ahhhh! SO super excited to share my custom order from @Rook which just arrived this afternoon.

These are special pendants to commemorate the 20 years I have spent together with my partner and they are absolutely perfect.

Please check out @Rook and their wonderful art (which isn't limited to painted beads)!

I have. So many Stille sketches. Just piles of bitchy warlock garbage (feat. grumpy familiar Kerberos and impressionable baby cleric Mulin).

He just wants her to call more often, I guess.

My warlock's patron has started showing up using a human avatar because said warlock bitched at him for showing up looking like a 12-foot-tall infernal monstrosity while she's trying to be discreet about this whole serving-the-devil thing. Here's Bel.

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