"Hey Rook what have you been doing the past half a year"

I'm counting this as a creative pursuit. I can ... do that ... right

Hey, I designed some new enamel pins! They're being funded over in this direction if you'd like some, and only one design still needs to be unlocked: kickstarter.com/projects/exroo

WIP of that dragon rider and hir crystal skull robot friend (skull robots courtesy of heckamecka on Twitter)

Got together with a few friends for a worldbuilding/RPG thing and I'm using it almost entirely as an excuse to spend all my time thinking about dragon riders.

Chipping in a $5 donation will also get you a brand new tiling epiphyte pattern, in just in case your very specific aesthetic interests happen to be identical to mine.

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Hey! Last year's issue of Existentially Distressing Plant Facts has gotten a facelift, partially so that it's easier for me to make more than one issue of Plant Facts. If you never got a chance to read it, it's still $0 and it's never looked better: exrook.itch.io/plantfacts

If you're wondering why I disappear for ages and post here in spurts, it's because I usually do all my social-media-ing from my phone on long train rides. I'm a lot more stationary for the moment, so I'm hoping to work through the backlog a bit.

Also I recently figured out how to make earrings and necklaces (these are both up in the shop if anyone wants 'em etsy.com/shop/CorvidCollection)

Hey Mastodon, been a minute, I drew this extremely modern and relevant fanart while I was gone

Also I've been doing Inktober religiously but I'm seldom at my computer when I post them so I keep forgetting to post them here, whoops

Hey folks, I've got a Kickstarter for raven enamel pins that's in its last hours, so if that sounds like your kind of thing make sure to grab one now: kickstarter.com/projects/exroo

Hey! There's some cool new stuff in the shop, and I'm going to the post office tomorrow, so if you want to grab something that'll ship REALLY fast then have at it: etsy.com/shop/CorvidCollection

So this is just $6 away from getting funded in its first night. Anyone want a pin? Now's a really cool time to get a pin.

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And here's some details of the pin art and the backing card. I've got my fingers crossed for that Kickstarter because seeing these done in metal would be. So cool.

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Hey! I'm Kickstarting some enamel pins for my shop, so if art pins are your thing please consider checking them out: kickstarter.com/projects/exroo

I promise I try to remember to post here, please take this awful dog

Also yes I'm bandwagoning but like ... Lara Croft looks really different these days you guys

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