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I wanna make a pin SO here's my personal commission info! Message me here, or email

Corvid Collection stuff is on sale in anticipation of Valentine's Day!

Custom jewelry: 25% off, will arrive on time if purchased by Feb. 4

All other jewelry: 15% off, will arrive on time if purchased by Feb. 8

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Ahhhh! SO super excited to share my custom order from @Rook which just arrived this afternoon.

These are special pendants to commemorate the 20 years I have spent together with my partner and they are absolutely perfect.

Please check out @Rook and their wonderful art (which isn't limited to painted beads)!

I have. So many Stille sketches. Just piles of bitchy warlock garbage (feat. grumpy familiar Kerberos and impressionable baby cleric Mulin).

He just wants her to call more often, I guess.

My warlock's patron has started showing up using a human avatar because said warlock bitched at him for showing up looking like a 12-foot-tall infernal monstrosity while she's trying to be discreet about this whole serving-the-devil thing. Here's Bel.

Also I'm going to be shipping some custom orders on Wednesday, so I'm using this chance to plug some of my favorite bracelets that are still in the shop. But 'em before the 9th and they'll ship out on exactly that day:

There, I did it, have a Zel (I finally got all the memories like last week)

I need y'all to bully me into actually finishing the background on this one (wip)

If you've been looking at these bracelets and thinking 'hm, what if there was something else drawn on that bracelet', this is a quick reminder that I do custom work! Follow your weird bracelet dreams:

Some more photos of the bracelets out in the wild (feat. that extremely tiny pelican)

And the next new bracelets of the day are some entirely new designs! The braided pelican bracelet is just $12 if you're looking for something more simple

Pelican braided bracelet:

Luna moth spiral bracelet:

This also explains why I make so many bracelets with plants and birds and bugs and stuff. Other people want to wear bugs too, right? That's normal.

Some new bracelets today! Kicking things off with a trans pride bracelet because my entire creative process is "make things that I personally would wear"

If this is something you also would wear you can buy it here:

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