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Spent today adding the ability to skin menus because all the TODO entries for it were bugging me.
The art is placeholders, but yaaay, it's done!

The menu background also makes it easy to demonstrate the flexible sizing, something too many pixel art games ignore for no good reason.

‪Sorry for the art spam. I finished camp weedonwantcha recently and wanted to make some fan art.‬

@Rondoh ‪These ink pens bleed with the outline so I had to be careful.‬

@Rondoh I tried coloring. As you can see, mistakes were made.

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I made those fade in/out transitions work! basically rewriting the entire structure of the menus. But, this new structure makes it easier to add extra buttons like "back" buttons, so it's still a win.

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Today is just going from bad to wooooooorse 😂

Me: I don’t have a PlayStation 4 to play the Spyro reignited trilogy.

My last, dying, brain cell who is also a yu-gi-oh fan:

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I got the player ship to collide with asteroids.

Not bad for 10 hours of work.

Me: should I have the player handle collision for this? I feel it already does too many things.

Brain. Just code.

Me: Or should I make a re-usable node to handle collisions?

Brain: Just... just fucking co-

Me: Let me spend hours weighing the pros and cons of both.


sitting here thinking about HOW to code something instead of actually CODING that something. 🙃

I really fucked up my hands playing the piano again

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