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. * * .🌙 * . * ☄️.
* . 🌍 * . * 💫 *
. * . That’s how * . *
it be on this bitch
* . * of an earth * . *
. . * ✨ . * . * *
* . . . * 🌕 .
* 🌕 . . * ⭐️ * . *

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i like to call this "taking a paint bucket and just dumping it everywhere" type of coloring

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wip. trying out a gijinka piece. i'll work on it more tomorrow since it's getting late.

The first piece I post using clip studio paint and it's a dumb meme.

Me: celebrates 10 years of

Also me: hasn't even finished reading homestuck

‪I open up Duolingo for the first time in a century and get flooded with all these new courses.‬

I heard someone refer to Overwatch as an 'older game' and I just about turned into dust.

“As one door closes, another opens” as they say.

‪ODIN is such fickle software.‬

‪Stop disconnecting the usb device pls ‬

‪iTuned into that Apple event and I see Oprah and I’m just like, “oh shit everyone’s gonna get an iCar”‬

Now I find myself in a situation where someone wants me to unbrick their phone??

Protip: Don't tell people that you love computers. They'll try to use you as free tech support.

On this episode of "I have another song idea that I'm probably going to forget again":

A cool battle theme I would like to use for a boss fight I have planned for a game.

Finally have a little time to draw, but I don't know what to draw.

*Turns on printer*

*lights in the room flicker*

Holy shit, how much power does this thing siphon on startup?!?

I can't wait to be done with all this other stuff so that I can get back into art/gamedev.

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