ADHD joke, not serious 

Someone tell the developers at Fall Guys that they are being discriminatory against people with ADHD plz

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If I had a dollar for every time I've accidentally quit out of a game of Fall Guys because I was fidgeting with the buttons between rounds, I don't know how many dollars I'd have. At least 5 though.

Sometimes I'm not sure if other people riding the bus know that it's now got a 'tap on tap off' feature (meaning you don't have to tell the driver your destination if you just tap your debit card at their window). So I like to fantasize that when these people see silently tap my card, they all think I'm somehow communicating telepathically with the driver.

is this what they call a glow-up?

my autobiographical gender comic sequel debuts next month at MICE! i'll be setting up an online shop to sell them there too.

I'm watching a video of german illustrator Felix Scheinberger and I'm drawing at the same time!

It's the schefflera plant on my window sill and I ruined it by putting emerald green on where there should not have been any emerald, but then I just added more colours and it worked out ok.

#drawing #urbansketching #sketching #watercolors #drainting

Any other autistic ppl do this? (regarding watching films) 

@fledge I have ruined films I liked because of this and I hate it. I'm autistic but I think it stems from my childhood experiences of seeing my family be hyper critical of almost all media (I'd have to watch things like anime in secret). Even though I don't live with them anymore I still have a hard time choosing something to watch if there's someone else in the room.

@BollerwagenPicard basically by using a small amount of PVA glue to stick coloured glass fragments to one big rectangle of glass, then it was put in a kiln to kind of merge together. The little metal loop at the top is sandwiched between the main glass and another small piece of glass to attach it. Here's a photo of it before it went in the kiln.

Discovered the woman across the road from our house makes glass ornaments, so I went to a workshop she was running to give it a go! I'm quite happy with this mosaic rainbow I made, but it's probably not a hobby I will add to my collection unless I suddenly acquire a kiln...

Mention of use of NSFW account, fun 

Ya know, I got asked a question. My partner has been using her nsfw bird site account lately, having lots of fun horny posting and flirting. Our friends were wondering what I would do with an nsfw account.

I'm not sure...

Maybe I'll try selfies more.
Maybe I'll talk about how sexy my yarn projects are?

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