Discovered the woman across the road from our house makes glass ornaments, so I went to a workshop she was running to give it a go! I'm quite happy with this mosaic rainbow I made, but it's probably not a hobby I will add to my collection unless I suddenly acquire a kiln...

Went and took part in an art event at my local pride today. We had to paint our LGBTQ+ inspiration on a little canvas to be part of a larger community artwork. My husband painted me (Robin) and I painted my friend. It was the nicest part of the pride event (the rest was too loud/busy for me) :heart_sp_nb: :heart_sp_trans: :heart_sp_pride:

CW: Food (photo) 

Baked this today, Victoria sponge with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Yum yum.

Every year I participate in GISH, an international week-long scavenger hunt where you work with your team to do a bunch of weird and wonderful challenges from a long list of tasks. This year one of the tasks I picked up was to stitch together an image of Hokusai's Great Wave on the back of a patchwork denim jacket using a Sashiko style technique. I'm really happy with the result!

CW: Eye-contact (anime-style drawing) 

Snapped a WIP photo for an idea of how this was made.

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CW: Eye-contact (anime-style drawing) 

For his birthday, I gave my brother (the nice one) an art voucher for one art request. He asked me to draw Oboro from Fire Emblem in the style of the emotion states in Omori. I don't know much about Fire Emblem, but I LOVE Omori so this was really fun to do! I used a mixture of gouache, oil-based pencils, acrylic pens and marker pens, combined with some digital preproduction + tracing to get neat duplicates of the character.

First try at painting with gouache. I really like this medium - it has a fluidity about it that reminds me of watercolours, but the option to lay it on thick and get really solid colours, like acrylic. So it's like a mash up of two of my favourite mediums!

I have a tendency to make a colour chart every time I get a new set of paints or art supplies. Had a nice time mixing up my new gouache paints today. Never tried gouache before but from what I've read it sounds like they are gonna be right up my alley!

CW: AI-generated illustration 

And this one (watercolour painting of a eurasian robin).

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CW: AI-generated illustration 

I also like how this one turned out (botanical study of bulbasaur)

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CW: AI-generated portrait 

I had a little play around with today and this was the result of just using my name as the prompt - kinda neat!

CW: Transphobia, alcohol consumption 

Probably just gonna play bingo instead

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CW: eye contact in one photo 

Happy Non-binary People's Day. Please enjoy these photos of me, a non-binary person, enjoying some big plants.

Received a beautiful art book today - The Art of Feefal. This quote really struck me as one I wish I'd known sooner: "Art doesn't have to carry a deeper message in order to be valid, creating something purely for the way it looks is completely valid". 💖

Didn't have a gift tag handy so made my own from collage and some nice shiny card I found.

Since going to Kew Gardens and also reading a book about drawing botanical art, I'm really into drawing plants right now! Here are some cuttings of an Inch plant my friend gave me. 🍃

I pruned, repotted and rearranged some of my house plants today. I'm loving my new plant-family setup in my office 💚 🌿

First time trying a sashiko-type embroidery on my broken jeans. I like them even more than I did before I ripped them!

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