First try at painting with gouache. I really like this medium - it has a fluidity about it that reminds me of watercolours, but the option to lay it on thick and get really solid colours, like acrylic. So it's like a mash up of two of my favourite mediums!

@Robiscuit I love this. Reminds me of star wars battlefront 2 somehow

@Robiscuit personally I used to work in oils a lot and I love how they're both workable for a fairly long time, though gouache is not as friendly to layering as oils imo.

@Robiscuit anyways amazing piece!! the rendering on the water is fantastic ^^

@RATFOOD thank you! Oils are something I've not had much experience in at all, I might try my hand at them again one day!

@Robiscuit they can be daunting but really rewarding 😅 i find the hardest part was brush care, I live in an apartment with two others and no outdoor space so I can't really use them anymore with all the chemicals involved, esp. since I like thinning my paints so that they drip down the canvas

@RATFOOD yeh that's a good shout, I only ever tried oils once as a kid and was shocked that I could just wash my brush with water in the sink! Didn't realise you needed chemicals.

@Robiscuit I've found them to be quite stubborn when it comes to coming out of the brushes which can be annoying, certain chemicals dissolve the paint much easier. The main thing that sucks with cleaning them though is that oils aren't supposed to go down the drain and will clog it if you aren't careful. good thing is the chemicals involved can be reused for a long time before needing to be thrown out.

@RATFOOD ah yeh, I imagine they ain't great for the environment if you chuck em down the sink either. Thanks for the tips! I will keep this in mind the next time I impulse purchase a set of oil paints hahaha.

@Robiscuit Wow, the reflections in the water turned out great!

@iooioio thank you! Painting the water reflections is always so satisfying 😌

@Robiscuit Wow, that water is really convincing! Looks great.

@Robiscuit Lovely! I would like to stand in front of the brush on the opposite side of the creek, under the shade of trees and close enough to dip my feet in the water from time to time. And, of course, look for #TastyFish.

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