Last year I discovered the joy of using masking fluid with watercolour paints and in this little experiment I really went to town with it! All the lines are made by painting masking fluid, then adding a layer of watercolour, then repeat adding darker layers each time. Peeling off the masking fluid is incredibly satisfying.

@Robiscuit What a clever technique... I've always been afraid to put masking fluid on once there's already paint, but I guess it works pretty well 😍

@JLGribble I think it depends on the paper - always worth testing it to make sure you don't ruin a larger piece! It worked well for this, but when I tried doing larger areas of masking fluid on another piece it scuffed up the painted paper a little bit, making it harder to add fresh paint to afterwards.

@Robiscuit I love this and it is absolutely satisfying. I might need to pull out the making fluid soon and play around.

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