Let's see what's happening these days.. right after I returned
Eddsworld returned
AntonM replied my message
The Silent Speech animation work is ongoing
Nice.. Carry on

Peertube.club is dead.
Peertube is totally unstable.
However I don't wanna give out my phone number for the time being, so no Youtube channel now. Sorry.

I'm back, but no one probably remember me lol

Hello world, in case you don't know I've just probably published my very first novel on Wattpad:

NewGrounds is down? 'Tom, get the engine working! TOM!'

Other under judgement projects look so decent that I'm having pressure...

Can't upload anything to Peertube.club. I'll retry later.

'I create, I destroy, I create' is now on NewGrounds! It's under judgement now, so please check out and help it pass!

After editing multiple times, I'm ready to upload. NG and Peertube, here I am.

*sign* I created my Discord account tho I don't like it

Wait a sec, I'm gonna mark more softwares.
Manuskript - Free, open source

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Kanka.io seems to be a better choice since it's web-based.

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I've been planning to write a story, but never realized that.
I once downloaded World Scribe for help, but uninstalled for lack of ideas. Guess it's time to take it back.

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